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Sticks & Stones

The soundtrack from the With/Without short film is available for download or streaming. The track, written and performed by Rosie B and Rachel W is maybe not to everyone’s listening taste, though I think it’s fantastic.

You can now also send me your tracks through Soundcloud and I can feature them if they’re any good. Click on the Soundcloud dropbox at the bottom of the right column.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out…

This Artwork of the Week has been a long time coming. I think I overlooked it due to just being too busy and the works being created for YBAA were so good and plentiful that I didn’t get a chance to revisit it. Alison C‘s (S3, Duncanrig) work was such a simple a beautiful idea. The triptych work was based around prejudice and prejudice is formed from not knowing. We lack knowledge due to things being harder to see, hidden, in the dark. So, Alison turned the light on for us. It’s a really clever idea, an idea that the Equality and Human Rights Commission loved too, making it one of their top 100 shortlisted entries for YBAA.

Sorry this took me so long Alison, but it’s such a lovely piece, it was really worth waiting for.

Katie’s Magic Eye Revisited.

I recently featured the work of Katie H-M (from S5, Oban High) in a pupil profile and have a little update for those that were as mesmerised by her work as I was. Katie has been in touch and she has collected some thoughts and her favourite photo to enter into the Young Brits at Art competition.

The competition closes on the 30th April, so those that are a little bored of me going on about it will be happy to know that I will be thoroughly ‘shushed’ after that.

Anyway, Katie has emailed me her work and I will submit it directly through the website as a single entry. In the meantime, enjoy the finished entry below: