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Brewster’s Mullions

This ‘Work from Home’ comes from Shannon Brewster (‘Hitmonshan’ on Instagram). She created this stylised painting of Notredame in Acrylics. I really like how she’s handled the surrounding houses, the simple but effective line work on the cathedral is the reason why I had to feature this piece. The colour palette is limited but works so well; drawing the viewers’ attention to the golden structure. The sky has a strange wash on it too, I don’t know how it’s done, but I like it.

Shannon reminded me of the blog and made me realise that people still want to visit it (it gets around 1,000 hits a day). So… Just for her and hopefully for the good of all the rest of us. I’ll try to get it up and running again. Keep a look out for new posts.

Urban Renewal

I nearly deleted this beautiful piece by accident, so it’s only fair that I feature it as ‘Artwork of the Week’. Laura O (S1 now S2, Art Claster and Film Maker, OLSP) finished it at the end of term last year and it got lost in my iPhoto library. I asked Laura O to create a depressing urban image and this is what she created… quite depressing, but very beautiful.

Shopping For A Dress

This week’s ‘AOTW’ comes from Stephanie (OLSP, S5). Stephanie created this fabulous design with Mrs Nicholson for her Higher Design Unit. She worked with me on the final piece, creating the idea using Photoshopping techniques. It was amazing to see Stephanie learn the application within hours of tutoring. Something that had taken me weeks, even months to learn, was grasped by her in under a day. Remarkable work from a remarkable student.