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About Face

What better way to start my new fresh faced blog than to focus on a great artistic pupil who I have been working with for the past year. Chantelle M (S5, OLSP) is an amazing artist on every level; driven, full of emotion and substance, observant and taking everything in – like a human sponge.


For her Higher Expressive Unit this year she focused on self portraiture and explored the idea of morphing faces, emotions and body parts fading in and out of consciousness. Her final piece (above) looked at the idea of what exists and doesn’t, is the subject fading from view or is she trying to obscure herself from us, but remains in sight. It is an enigmatic and thought provoking image.


Chantelle M received great praise when her unit was first verified at the start of the year and should do well when the results come back tomorrow morning. The final piece (a collage of book paper, tracing paper and mixed media including acrylic paint, pencil, charcoal) also won a local competition to design a school library card.

Chantelle’s Books

For the next few weeks I’ll be posting a lot of work from home examples as my new S1 and S2 pupils have been very keen to show me the work that they like to do out of school, I’ll start the ball rolling with work from one of my ex-pupils, Chantelle M (S2, OLSP), she was featured in the ‘Work from home’ section while in S1 and she’s been working in two books now that she’s in S2.

Don’t Daudle… Doodle.

Chantelle M (S1, OLSP) has been working in her ‘Doodle Book’ for quite some time now. I always get a little annoyed when I see pupils work into lined books like this as I had done when I was their age. It’s so annoying when you revisit the drawings after time to find that they are actually quite good drawings, but they’re ruined by the lines of the notebook paper. Saying that, it’s something that I did do too and still do (yes, even teachers ‘never learn’), it just depends on what you what from your sketches in the future.

I really enjoy having a glimpse into what interests pupils at home, what drives them to create when they’re not forced to by school, parents or other means. There are very interesting subjects here in Chantelle’s book, re-interpretations of the heart symbol, ideas of perfection or happiness, dynamic drawings and sweeps that are the foundation of good drawing for design. These are things that embed themselves in us from an early age and it is interesting in seeing them re-invented over by new generations.

These pages could easily be modern ads for communication services, an internet service, a phone or a social network. The doodle page is as important to us as the hand print on a rock wall was to our ancestors.

Thanks to Chantelle for sharing her work with us, it has really made me think and that’s what good art should do.