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Do Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Evie & Maria’s (S2) book cover design was a runner up for the Scottish Book Cover Competition 2016-2017. I love how they’ve bisected the cover, showing different characters from the book. 

Shannah’s (S6) photo cover of a frozen spider web and Niamh’s (S6) watercolour painting also received recognition for their entries. All four girls received book vouchers and a certificate for their skills. 

Ed Sheeran Portrait Comp Winner

So, I started the Ed Sheeran Portrait Competition in the hope that I would receive one or two entries to show off to followers of The Art Classroom. I didn’t expect the amount of entries that were actually sent. It was a tough choice to shortlist them down to ten so that Ed could then finally pick the winner, though it had to be done. It was amazing seeing the variations of style and ideas in the entries and the only way I can possibly reward all those that entered is to say ‘thank you very much’. Your efforts did not go unnoticed.

After I’d chosen and published the shortlisted ten, I then tried to get in contact with Ed to pick a winner, though as you might be aware; Ed is a very busy boy. I tried reaching him through Facebook, Twitter, email and even through texting friends of friends and had given up hope of him judging the competition. Though I shouldn’t have been so skeptical, any of you who follow Ed will know that he is an extremely nice chap and would always try his best to help. I had heard in late October that Ed would look through the entries and judge the competition even though it was supposed to be his one night off at home. I was extremely grateful. I’m sure you can imagine that someone with his status now probably receives about one hundred requests a day like this asking for a little piece of his time. Though he took that time and looked closely at the ten shortlisted entries. I received an email from Ed at 11.55am on October 29th stating his winning choice. This is what the email stated:


Number 7 rED should win x


Number 7: ‘rED’ belongs to Abby McG from the West of Scotland, congratulations to her. The cds and the signed business card will be finding their way to you. Abby’s winning entry is displayed below. A truly worthy winner.

Comparing Ed’s choice with the open vote, it seems that the readers of The Art Classroom have similar tastes to Ed. They chose No.7 – rED too, giving it over 25% of the votes. Well Done Abby!

Ed Sheeran Portrait Competition Shortlist

It’s taken me a while to get through all the entries and thank you to all who took the time to enter. I’ve finally shortlisted the portrait entries down to ten. The ten entries below will be named and shown off after the final judging decision has been made, as to not influence the choice through name, area or age. I will also add a poll below if you would like to tell me which art piece you prefer. It will not sway the judge’s decision, though it’ll be interesting to see if you agree with it. The Art Classroom’s Ed Sheeran Portrait Competition Shortlist follows (in no particular order):

1. ColourED

2. SketchED

3. IconifiED

4. One EyED

5. DarkenED

6. PawED

7. rED

8. ImaginED

9. TiED

10. PerformED

The winner will be notified here and directly when the Judge’s decision has been made. Below you can participate in the voting poll to let everyone know which Ed Sheeran portrait you prefer.

Ed Sheeran Portrait Competition


This is the first big competition I’ve had in around a year, but it’s a good one if you’re an Ed Sheeran fan, with great prizes to be won.

Up for grabs:

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Want Some?’ E.P.

Collaborations Number 5

Loose Change (features ‘A Team’)

‘You Need Me’ E.P.

Live at the Bedford

Ed Sheeran Self Titled Album

Signed Business Card

All the CDs are sent from Ed (his mum), so they are going to be, if not, already are, pretty rare and very collectible. All released under ‘Sheeran/Lock’, Ed’s own label before he signed to Atlantic. The business card features Ed’s trademark paw and was signed at the Stagg & Dagger festival, The Art College, Glasgow last year, just before Ed broke into the mainstream.

What you need to do to win them:

Send me your best portrait of Ed, it can be in any media (even digital). Take the best photo you can of it and email that photo (along with your details – name, age, address) to theartclassroom@googlemail.com before or on the closing date: 30th September 2011.


The winner will be chosen shortly after that date and then informed by email. I’m hoping to beg Ed or his mum to select the winner out of a shortlist that I have chosen, but either way. One prize, one winner. No runner’s up prizes I’m afraid. No age limit, No minimum amount of entries (but if you spam me to boredom, I might end up hating you). My competition, my final say. Prize posted to your address recorded mail in UK, airmail if you’re outside the UK (no tracking unfortunately).