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The Turner Prize ’09

Turner Title

Every year the Turner Prize nominates some artworks that may seem very strange or stupid to the general populous. If you work within art, you start to become familiar with artists and their work and the nominees don’t look so weird anymore. Normal people aren’t generally interested in the elitist world of art, art galleries and artworks and when confronted with something very strange, they usually disregard it very quickly and call it ‘rubbish’ and ‘stupid’. I normally agree with those people, as a lot of work can be very irritating to see, it’s poorly thought out or not obvious what it is or just plain boring. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take interest though. We should be aware of what is happening in the art world, if we know what’s out there, we know what not to do again or who to find inspiration from.

The Art Classroom has decided to give you a quick guide to the Turner Prize ’09 and let you become the judge and jury. There is a large amount of prize money available for the winner, as well as a greater amount of attention due to the media attention the prize receives. Have a look at the artists below and decide which artwork you would prefer to win the prize.

Nominee 1: Enrico David

Absuction Cardigan

Enrico David is a modern surrealist who tries to make his audience feel uncomfortable or shocked. He creates colourful but disturbing images of harlequins and weird creatures, he also sculpts these images from soft and hard materials. His main piece in the show is several large egg shaped men with rocking chair legs.

Nominee 2: Roger Hiorns

No Title

This young artist creates sculptures and installations (an area of art). He is focused on the chemical change that happens when creating something from one state to another. He often uses chemical reactions such as burning or crystallization for his artworks, they are normally not just one state but are the change of states. His main piece in the show is a pile of dust that used to be an aeroplane’s jet engine.

Nominee 3: Lucy Skaer

Leviathan Edge

The only female nominee, Lucy makes artwork focusing on space and natural objects. They are often things she has found and placed together or changed by sculpting and transforming. She uses photography and research to help her with her ideas that look very simple, though it’s obvious she spends a lot of time on the idea and how she wants you to view it. Skaer’s main piece in the show is a huge whale skull hidden behind slitted walls.

Nominee 4: Richard Wright

No Title

Richard Wright creates wall paintings and sculptures that only stand out to those that look hard enough. His work is often very white (gallery walls are usually white too) and delicate, almost to the point that if you weren’t told it was there, you wouldn’t have spotted it. He is interested in architecture and playing around with form and space.

So there you go. That’s the four nominees for the Turner Prize. You might not actually like any of their work, but if you were to choose a winner for the prize, who would you choose? Please leave your vote below and we’ll announce the Art Classroom vote in 2 months time on the 7th Dec 2009.  The actual Turner Prize winner will be announced on the 7th Dec 2009, so it will be interesting to see how we fair against the real jury.

“Makes Me Wanna Scream”

S1 had so little time this year, it just seemed to zoom in far too quickly. As a teacher, you try extremely hard to squeeze as many units and techniques into the year, though when you have a class one period a week, it feels that you have achieved so little at the end of it. Saying that, I’m still proud of what we have done this year. We explored colour and the visual elements, we made posters for Anti-Bullying week, we created environmental skyline pictures, sent entries to the ‘Young Brits’ competition, designed a CD package, explored the work of Eric Carle and lastly; looked at Edvard Munch’s Scream and started to paint our own versions.


For those that did not want to have a photograph taken of them screaming, they were given a photo of my ugly mug, as the painting by David E above shows. Each pupil had the chance to pose a number of emotions, one was chosen and printed to make a Scream style painting. Pupils painted their own version of The Scream to explore the colours and the techniques used. They then had to adapt these styles and colours for their own painting.


Sarah above shows a natural skill of adding patches of light and dark next to each other to build up form. Sarah created a beautifully detailed drawing for this painting, though soon realised that she would not be able to keep all the detail as the brush is larger and more uncontrollable.


Kirsten C above paints from her own picture, she keeps her style simple and dynamic, though has started to highlight folds and flesh to make the portrait more realistic. It is a real shame that these pupils were unable to finish their paintings, though I am glad that they were able to experience the unit, because as I had told them, ‘this unit was not about the final piece, it was about the chance to experience painting and working from unique and personal resources’.

Inside Their Sketchbooks


We have two sketchbooks this weekend. The first is from Heather M (S1) and contains a majority of pastel pieces. Pastels are extremely hard to control, they are thick, dusty or oily and blunt very easily, so by continuing to practice and create, Heather is bettering her skills. She has been previously featured on The Art Classroom  here, though she continues to expand her sketchbook and add sketches with different styles and emotions.



The second sketchbook is from David S (S1). David works mainly in ‘B’ pencils creating quick observational sketches like the ones below; A surveilance camera at a supermarket, a vase of flowers and a trainer.




Great Portraiture

David from S3 has been working on a great self-portrait. There hadn’t been much going on with it at the beginning of the period (he had the frame and a few layout lines), I had even said that it had looked a bit ‘dead’ and ‘alien-like’ due to it’s perfect symmetry. All of a sudden (well… 40 mins later), I looked over and saw the drawing below. He really did a great job on it, and it’s ‘the spit’ of him…