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Piles Of Drawings, Drawing On Tiles

Kathleen M (S3, OLSP) provided her sketchbook to let me photograph a few pages from it. There was a huge range of images to choose from, though the small selection below is just a few of the drawings that I liked. Kathleen created a ‘Lowry’ New York scene last year for the previously featured ‘Disaster and Emergency’ ILC News broadcast. Kathleen has incredible skill, her range is not captured in these few quick drawings.

Kathleen also sent this photo of a mosaic table that she helped create for a family member’s garden. Having worked with mosaic tiles and enamel paints a few years ago myself, I can tell you that it is extremely hard to keep control of the image and to carefully arrange the cut tiles. Great work Kathleen, I can’t wait to see and publish more of it…

Chantelle’s Books

For the next few weeks I’ll be posting a lot of work from home examples as my new S1 and S2 pupils have been very keen to show me the work that they like to do out of school, I’ll start the ball rolling with work from one of my ex-pupils, Chantelle M (S2, OLSP), she was featured in the ‘Work from home’ section while in S1 and she’s been working in two books now that she’s in S2.

Don’t Daudle… Doodle.

Chantelle M (S1, OLSP) has been working in her ‘Doodle Book’ for quite some time now. I always get a little annoyed when I see pupils work into lined books like this as I had done when I was their age. It’s so annoying when you revisit the drawings after time to find that they are actually quite good drawings, but they’re ruined by the lines of the notebook paper. Saying that, it’s something that I did do too and still do (yes, even teachers ‘never learn’), it just depends on what you what from your sketches in the future.

I really enjoy having a glimpse into what interests pupils at home, what drives them to create when they’re not forced to by school, parents or other means. There are very interesting subjects here in Chantelle’s book, re-interpretations of the heart symbol, ideas of perfection or happiness, dynamic drawings and sweeps that are the foundation of good drawing for design. These are things that embed themselves in us from an early age and it is interesting in seeing them re-invented over by new generations.

These pages could easily be modern ads for communication services, an internet service, a phone or a social network. The doodle page is as important to us as the hand print on a rock wall was to our ancestors.

Thanks to Chantelle for sharing her work with us, it has really made me think and that’s what good art should do.

Laura’s Pad

Laura O‘s (S1, OLSP) sketch pad is a delight to look through, even though it’s just been started, she has been quickly filling it with sketches, doodles, full page pieces and little ideas. I could spend an hour showing you and describing the work, though I thought I’d pick a few of my favourites and give Laura back her pad so she can work in it some more.

I really love the piece above, it reminds me of a storyboard from a film. The girl’s shirt is nicely drawn, the grid pattern and buttons are nicely detailed, though in a stylistic way. Below, Laura has worked on a colour sketch of a monkey, this is based on work she is currently doing with Miss Kusch in art class, creating a cover for Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’.

The Grey Cat

Have I got a treat for you. I was given the opportunity today to have a look into Hanna M‘s (S4, Notre Dame) secret folder. The thing is brimming with amazing pictures. Her style is very dynamic, not quite Manga, not quite western cartoon, but very professional and intricate.

Hanna is originally from Zgorzelec, Poland, though has obviously been effected by Western and Japanese cultures in her sketches. I do love the fact that she plays around with her dual language. I can’t understand the polish comments, though I am interested by them, they lend an air of mystery to her work.

Her drawings of animals and furries (anthropomorphic animals) are truly staggering.  Using free exploring guide lines and thick and thin pen lines to build up the simplistic characters, Hannah has mastered the art of cartooning or caricaturing. All the trademarks are there, the big eyes and the over-sized hands/paws.

This is just a small selection of Hanna’s work. To see more sketches and finished artworks go visit her profile (which means ‘Grey Cat’) here:


“There’s No Way That’s A Drawing”

This week’s artwork comes from Nadia B (S5) from Notredame High. This is her first sheet from her expressive unit. The pencil work is absolutely stunning, the photo does not do it justice. My favourite drawing has to be the egg in the egg cup. The tonal rendering is perfect. Nadia’s skill is evident in the way she can layer enough pencil marks on top on each other to merge them into looking like a solid firm object. Her skin looks like flesh, her surfaces look smooth and hard and her cloth looks soft and malleable. A truly stunning collection of drawings to end the week with.  Thanks Nadia.