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The Queen of Cards

A few posts ago I posted an outtake from Lois McE‘s (S6) ‘Queen of Cards‘ dress. The dress was made using a variety of different techniques including paper folding, papier mache and acrylic painting. The piece was created for her SQA Higher Design unit, in which she had scored close to top marks.

lois 5

Lois 4

The dress was created by wrapping cling film around a mannequin form, this was then layered with PVA Glue and paper towels. This was layered around 3-4 times and left to dry out. The papier mache body was then carefully removed and cut from the form and painted with acrylics, a small brush and a very steady hand. The neck piece was created by corrigating cartridge paper (3 x A1 sheets) and they were glued onto a cardboard hoop shape that is hidden underneath. Lace was then added to the ruff and to the sleeve holes. Lois taught herself to make the origami form using Pinterest and Youtube. These were then repeated, layered and glued to form the skirt pattern.



Two For One

I’ve had a great first week at school that I couldn’t pick a single artwork that would sum up the week. So… I’ve had to go for two.  They are similar in that they’re both investigation drawings for developing and considering shape and detail to make a fashion piece. They’ll most likely become a dress as the months roll on. They have been applied in a similar style; they’re very tight, neat drawings with immaculate tone and defined line.

The first; a pencil drawing by Kat C (S5) of surgical spinal screws. Notice the fine lines and white paper that is left to suggest highlights and reflection.

The second; a delicately detailed pencil drawing of a jellyfish by Paula N. She has worked the pencil lines to show folds and curves of the Jellyfish. Both drawings are observational drawings for Higher Design sheets.

Kiss And Makeup

Rachel A is an ex-pupil from a few years back. She is very driven and does not fear hard work and graft. She had previously been featured as Artwork of the Week a few years back and her snake light was selected as one of the top ten artworks of all time on this blog. She has been really busy recently completing her HNC in Fashion Makeup in Aberdeen and is currently looking to take her career into a more professional setting.

Rachel’s creative work is incredibly varied. It ranges from the commercial, to the couture and the insanely theatrical. Of course, it is not just about makeup, it also involves costumes, lighting, photography and locations. There are so many factors involved in capturing a moment, along with the right composition and not distracting the viewer’s attention away from the actual makeup. The photos shown are just a few of the examples of her breadth and skill.

I absolutely love the image above, I can’t believe how professional this image is; the lighting, the atmosphere, the overall feeling… from someone still young and learning her trade. I could quite easily see this image as a commercial advert for perfume, fashion or jewellery. It’s quite magical, reminding me of a still from a Lars Von Trier film.

Rachel is looking to widen her experience and is open to any opportunities for shadowing or commission. If you are situated in the UK (especially in the Scotland area) and might have an opportunity for her, you can contact me through the site and I will pass it on to her. You can also check out more of her work below:

Sily Mi

An ex-pupil of mine, Jordan R (Former Gleniffer pupil) has been setting up his own fashion brand and asked me if I would design some logos for him. The brand ‘Say It Like You Mean It – Reworked’ is an extremely long brand name. I had told him of my preference to just keep it as ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ which I was then able to abbreviate to ‘Sily Mi’. This adds more connotations to the branding and I believe it makes it more interesting. I hope he likes it, what do you think?

Shopping For A Dress

This week’s ‘AOTW’ comes from Stephanie (OLSP, S5). Stephanie created this fabulous design with Mrs Nicholson for her Higher Design Unit. She worked with me on the final piece, creating the idea using Photoshopping techniques. It was amazing to see Stephanie learn the application within hours of tutoring. Something that had taken me weeks, even months to learn, was grasped by her in under a day. Remarkable work from a remarkable student.

The Greenhouse Effect

Caitlin G (S6, OLSP) finishes off the shadowing on the leaves of the foliage in her drawing above. This botanical house piece has taken her weeks to finish, it’s an intricate pen drawing with an insane amount of detail. It’s form and use of dark and negative shapes help steer the eye around and across the work. This is just a small part of her advanced higher unit, if the rest of her work is touching anywhere near this one in quality, she should do extremely well.

In Top Form

This week’s work is from Paula A H (S3 from OLSP). Paula has very fine observation and proportion skills, so refined that she does not need guide or help lines. In her spare time she likes to try a lot of different ideas out. Looking at fashion, dress design, toning and sketching things that she likes. Below, you’ll see a nice example of some of her fashion ideas. Quick sketching with scribbling tones helps define the shape of the garments without spending hours drawing them out.

Paula also likes to draw and sketch recognisable characters, though rather than keeping them flat and simple, she introduces tone and shadows to give them form and substance. As an Art teacher you usually end up seeing a lot of copied cartoon characters, though I haven’t seen many with this type of attention to detail and focus on shading and light.

Whatever you draw, you should enjoy doing it. It you don’t, then there is very little point in continuing. Art should be something that you feel driven to do, to get anywhere in the field, you need this passion. If you don’t have it, you’ll find it extremely difficult to receive recognition or create opportunities. Paula obviously has this drive and her passion, alongside her continuing progress, is definitely seeing her well on her way through the creative route.