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Address To The Devil

The long awaited last of a trilogy of shadow puppet films based on the poems of Robert Burns. This short film, based on Robert Burns’ ‘Address To A De’il’, has been created by my two S1 classes in less than a week. Pupils storyboarded the poem and created the puppets and filmed the scenes. I edited the work together adding narration by Miss McInnes and some CC music.

That’s The Way To Do It


The online premiere of Sammy Mansfield‘s new horror short; ‘Judy’. The film is inspired by the life of Judy, Mr Punch’s wife. She leads a life, harassed by Punch in a claustrophobic environment. Scripted, filmed, edited and created by Sammy Mansfield, the film was greatly received in its airing in school (via a mini custom cinema) last week and is now available for all to see on Youtube. Enjoy…

Looks Wet Out

Mrs Nicolson‘s class, 2AB3, created this great video for part of their school’s ‘Disaster and Emergency’ project. The style and feeling really reminds me of the work Stanley Donwood designed for Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. I gave a little hand filming and editing the short film together, though can claim no ownership of the concept, the idea or the artwork… that’s all down to Mrs Nicolson and her pupils. Such a fabulous little film, I’m glad I was able to be involved in its creation.