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Have I Got News For You

Click on the image to see the animation

I’ve been trying to find a good way of displaying 3D images that I photographed at Breadalbane High in Aberfeldy. The images need to be viewed through 3D Red & Blue Anaglyph glasses, so unless you have a pair, you don’t really get the idea.

Messing around with the images, I decided to try and make a moving animated GIF to see if it maybe gave a better idea of the artwork. It might not be as good as viewing the image through the 3D glasses but it does give you an idea of the work in three dimensions.

‘The News at Ten’ is a relief piece created by Hazel D (S3, Breadalbane). The piece focuses on our obsession with television and news and how the news media uses shock tactics and highlights things that are wrong, rather than things that may be going right. This onslaught of negative imagery makes us feel bad, frightened or threatened and therefore makes us watch more news to stay informed.

Hazel had such a tough time trying to keep the large papier mache fist stable and protruding. It’s weight and awkwardness made what should have been an easy gluing task, an absolute nightmare. All the effort was worth it though, the work is powerful and pushes itself onto the viewer, reflecting points that it’s trying to put across. A great success out of a multitude of problems. Well done Hazel.