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Rian’s Skill



This week’s work from home comes from Rian M (S2, OLSP). Rian has amazing observational skills, drawing, sizing and detail comes to him naturally. He does not need to pre-plan drawings or add layout lines/guide lines to get a successful result, this is a talent that only comes with practice and refining your skills. Above and below you’ll see a few examples from his ever increasing sketchbook. How great is that hand drawing? Seriously?! Great stuff Rian, thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your sketchbook.


Zip It

Aieyesha B (S6, OLSP) shows her make up skills by creating this horrific image at home using masking tape, an old zip, some eyelash glue and some old lipsticks. She has just handed in a very interesting Advanced Higher unit, though it was these striking makeup images that really amazed me when I saw them.

What’s really astounding about these images is that they are completely ‘off the cuff’. Aieyesha usually puts the ideas together when she’s hanging around bored at home. No special latex or costume makeup is used, it’s just whatever bits and pieces of old makeup she’s got lying around.

More of Aieyesha’s photos can be found below on her Flickr channel:


Don’t Daudle… Doodle.

Chantelle M (S1, OLSP) has been working in her ‘Doodle Book’ for quite some time now. I always get a little annoyed when I see pupils work into lined books like this as I had done when I was their age. It’s so annoying when you revisit the drawings after time to find that they are actually quite good drawings, but they’re ruined by the lines of the notebook paper. Saying that, it’s something that I did do too and still do (yes, even teachers ‘never learn’), it just depends on what you what from your sketches in the future.

I really enjoy having a glimpse into what interests pupils at home, what drives them to create when they’re not forced to by school, parents or other means. There are very interesting subjects here in Chantelle’s book, re-interpretations of the heart symbol, ideas of perfection or happiness, dynamic drawings and sweeps that are the foundation of good drawing for design. These are things that embed themselves in us from an early age and it is interesting in seeing them re-invented over by new generations.

These pages could easily be modern ads for communication services, an internet service, a phone or a social network. The doodle page is as important to us as the hand print on a rock wall was to our ancestors.

Thanks to Chantelle for sharing her work with us, it has really made me think and that’s what good art should do.

Louise’s Focus

Louise G (S4, OLSP) shows that intense drawings don’t necessarily need the control and the quiet of a classroom environment. Good works can be completed at home as long as you have a sturdy flat surface to work on. Sadly the colours of the butterfly wing are lost in my photo of it, though the vivid pastels on the original are big, bold and chewy on the eyes.

Her ruling and measuring  of the building piece helps, what could have been a naive image, look  much more interesting and dramatic… Almost like a film storyboard drawing.

I Fold

Aaron C (S3, OLSP High) likes to make origami creatures in his spare time. It’s a skill that takes a lot of patience and is held in high regard in Japan, it’s country of origin. There are a number of distinct things that can be made with a single piece of square paper, the most famous is probably the crane which Aaron shows above. If you’d like to make your own Origami Crane you can follow the You Tube video below: