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That’s The Way To Do It


The online premiere of Sammy Mansfield‘s new horror short; ‘Judy’. The film is inspired by the life of Judy, Mr Punch’s wife. She leads a life, harassed by Punch in a claustrophobic environment. Scripted, filmed, edited and created by Sammy Mansfield, the film was greatly received in its airing in school (via a mini custom cinema) last week and is now available for all to see on Youtube. Enjoy…

Black Box

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here, but have I a treat for you. ‘Black Box‘ is a short horror/thriller film created by the OLSP Film Making Club 2010-2011. They have been working on it for around three months and have given up every lunch time they can to help shoot, edit and compose what you see below. Making these short films may not look like a lot of work, but it really is, every pupil must be loyal to the club and consistent with what they wear as any lapse in continuity in the shooting would be really obvious. Nathan B, Aidan McQ, Callum M, along with founding member of the OLSP Film Making ClubBruce G have done a magnificent job on the project. The eagle eyed among you will also notice Laura O’D, who’s work has been featured on the blog a lot, she’s also a member of the ‘Art Clast’ podcast. Sure, I lent a hand in offering supervision and experience, but the club were very skilled in sorting out shooting and editing. It was a real pleasure to watch them work so fluidly.

I must warn those who are about to click the video below that some scenes are weird and downright disturbing, so be prepared.

Watch the film right the way through, even until the end of the credits, it’s worth it.

To give you an idea of the storyline, the Black Box is a mysterious concept. The meaning behind the term ‘Black Box’ is something that works from an input to an output, you know what goes in and what comes out, but you don’t know what happens in the middle… ‘The Black Box’. This, along with the idea that a Black Box records an aeroplane’s final incident/accident and remains virtually indestructible creates the meaning of the film. In other words, the Black Box is weird, those who pick it up are involved in an ‘incident’ and it traps and records their last moments, creepy huh?

Let me know your thoughts on the film and whether you like it or not.

Jackie Zom-B


Jackie B (S3 from Lochgilphead) is full of surprises. One of her most extreme surprises are these little gems below. She gets together with a few friends in her spare time and makes short zombie films. The use of special effects are really impressive for something that is essentially shot on a mobile phone.

The town of Lochgilphead and its surrounding areas is small and quiet, so it’s perfect to shoot something like this. Zombie shots need desolation and emptiness. These are by no means Jackie’s attempt to be really hard hitting and professional, for her, they’re something to do, a little mess around. Have a little fun and do something creative. What better way to spend your day?

Those regular readers or people who know me out there will know that this very much, ‘my cup of tea’. I love horror films and dressing up for Halloween. It’s quite hard to pull off a good zombie, but the use of contacts, the lack of care for clothes and skin when it comes to adding blood and getting a believable walk are the three main keys to perfecting a zombie. Jackie looks absolutely fantastic.

I have also had the chance to see some short clips that Jackie has produced with a friend and I hope that she will get a chance to make them into a short film or a show reel, because they really were very scary. With the right music and sound effects, she could make Romero or the Shaun of the Dead crew tremble.

Jackie is currently working on more youtube videos and will probably be scaring the skeleton out of you soon. Carefully watch this space…

Cast Of ‘The Pupil’ Thanked On The Paranormal Activity Blu-Ray

I got a free copy of the Blu-Ray of Paranormal Activity today, sent from Think Jam. I was quite excited in seeing the layout of the competition winning films and it was really good to see they were nicely presented. It’s a pity that ‘The Pupil’ had to be withheld due to the cast’s age and the competitions terms and conditions, though Think Jam made sure we were thanked on the DVD and Blu-ray. It’s not a great compromise, but at least it was something. The actual winner was ‘Heebie Jeebies’, which was nicely shot.

The Gleniffer Pupils involved in the making of ‘The Pupil’ were each thanked by name as a special acknowledgment at the end of the shorts. It is proof that what we had achieved in that one year of lunchtime filming was truly spectacular.