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Another fabulous painting from Chantelle McIntyre. We are slowly making our way toward an exhibition to show these beautiful images off. Chantelle has only been working with oils for about a year, but you can see that she’s obviously got an knack for it. Her resource images are explored and manipulated in Photoshop to create the right composition, this is then painted on layered, textured paper to create a textured, mature, vibrant and thought provoking painting. Just look at the quality of paint of the mouth and the eyes; it’s stunning. 

Snow Day

With all the chaos that’s been going on at the minute with the snowy weather and school closures, I was able to get the chance to catch up on reading my emails. I’m glad I did because I was instantly cheered up when I read a reply sent to me from Ruth W. Her Mum had been teaching an Art Project to a P5 section and had asked some advice on running the unit. I had suggested using some tracing paper to build depth and use of black and white paper to sustain contrasts, but I’d never thought I’d see such great examples as the ones attached to the email.

I believe that the works are to be framed, the multi-layered collages will make the picture look deeper and therefore, much more intriguing to view. I’m so happy that my small amounts of advice lead to such great outcomes.

Learning The Tools Of The Trade

I had to do a little filler lesson with some S2 pupils from the all girl school Notre Dame High in Glasgow. I decided to let them have a go at Pixlr and Glogster to learn some of the basic tools of Photoshop, an essential in any creative industry.

Lauren M attempts the above Frankenstein creation by putting a Retriever’s face onto a Chimpanzee. I guess you would call it a ‘Donkey’ or a ‘Mog’. Alexandra M creates a ‘Lady Bobo’ below.

Alexandra C G tries a similar slant with Gaga, though with a much bigger monkey below, I can’t help but laugh at this picture.

Above Cheryl G shows us her workspace using Pixlr as she creates a Justin Bieber/Pig amalgamation, while below she lets us view her workspace while using Glogster during the creation of a retro poster.