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Fanatical About Fanelli



Sarah D (S1/OLSP) has been working on the amazing piece above. She was creating it for a challenge focusing on mental health and art therapy. Inspired by Sara Fanelli, she was able to finish the work in under two hours. It has been created using old papers, charcoal pencil, pens, paper off cuts and small photos of holocaust victims. It can be taken at face value for being the very sweet image that it is, or if the viewer thinks about the work, it can leave a very poignant impression fairly wedged in your mind. I actually think it’s better than Sara Fanelli…

The Freedom And The Courage

Adilah B (S5) from Notredame has amazing skill. Her concentration and drive is almost frustrating to watch. You just end up envious of her and feeling sorry for yourself. Though, my neurosis aside, Adilah’s style is her own, it’s uniquely messy with a controlled brilliance, it’s complete freedom with a driven confidence. I often wonder how she can manage to draw a hairy line that looks so clean and precise. Though this is the very reason why her work is so interesting. It’s full of contradictions and impossibilities that you think shouldn’t work, but somehow do, just because it’s Adilah who did it.

Like the still life study above, Adilah has used a 2B pencil, which has an extremely soft lead on canvas textured card. Now you would think that it would be impossible to get any kind of definite line or signs of pencil marks and strokes. You would also think that the line should be uncontrolled and messy or smudged due to the nature of the lead and the texture of the card… but it isn’t? How can that be?

Technically, Adilah’s still life is my Artwork of the Week, though as a bonus I thought I would show you some of her Graphic Design work. The piece below is a few pencil tonal studies of a clamp that Adilah had to bisect. Enjoy.