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Chantelle’s Books

For the next few weeks I’ll be posting a lot of work from home examples as my new S1 and S2 pupils have been very keen to show me the work that they like to do out of school, I’ll start the ball rolling with work from one of my ex-pupils, Chantelle M (S2, OLSP), she was featured in the ‘Work from home’ section while in S1 and she’s been working in two books now that she’s in S2.

It Was Worth The Wait

Poor Megan R (S2, OLSP) had given me lots of her drawings a while ago and I had created a draft post that was meant to go live last week, then something had gone wrong within WordPress and I had lost four posts, Megan R’s was one of them. Since then I have been promising Megan that her work will be aired and I haven’t had the chance to do that until tonight.

Megan is quite a breath of fresh air, she is incredibly keen and passionate about art, something that is now becoming extremely rare in these vain and technologically obsessed times we live in. Any scrap piece of paper is her canvas, any old pen, stubby pencil, her paintbrush.

She has also been working on some of her classwork at home. Megan is currently working on a relief piece on human achievement in class, her theme is ‘creativity’. She has no qualms about taking those ideas and pieces from the classroom and adding to them or finishing them at home. The true mark of an artist is that there is no time that is not a creative time. Art isn’t a nine to five job, it’s an instinct and this shows in Megan’s drive.