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Disaster & Emergency ’13

This is the new video by my two S2 classes created for their ‘Disaster and Emergency’ Integrated Learning Challenge. Each pupil was asked to choose a place and a natural method of destruction to create a puppetry / animated scene. Pupils worked in pairs to create their scenes which were then amalgamated into this short news broadcast. I think that Erin and Laticia have done a great job anchoring the broadcast. You can watch the older ILC News broadcast here: ILC NEWS 2011.

I’m Still Here

Just realised I haven’t updated here for ages, been so busy lately that I haven’t found the time, though I do have some great stuff to show you. Over the next fews weeks I’ll find the time to put up three new films that my pupils have made, three new episodes of a new podcast series called ‘Spoiler Reviews’, and some fabulous course work for the new National 5 (Scotland) course.

In other news, I had my pupil portraits exhibition and raised £160 that is going to the Osnam Charity (which helps poor children in Dumbarton). I have also worked with the Artizan Gallery to place pupil artwork in the gallery and produce public art boards for the main Artizan street. If you are getting bored waiting for updates on here you should follow me on Instagram where I update daily (search for ‘theartclassroom’ in Instagram).


BBC NEWS Games Special

The Art Clast team have been working very hard in completing a report for the BBC News School Report. They focused on games this year, highlighting addiction, underage gaming and the effects of violence and sexual imagery on players. It was quite a dark subject, so they tried to do it as a more light-hearted feature piece. You can watch the ‘rushed for air’ version here. There will be a longer, tighter edit posted up on YouTube soon.


The Art Clast BBC NEWS School Report Games Special

Disaster And Emergency ILC News

Here is the news programme that my S2 classes made for their ‘Disaster and Emergency’ unit. The project was part of an ‘Integrated Learning Challenge’ which every subject took part in. The animations were created by making moving paintings that were either stop animated or by way of puppets. I’d also like to thank Kerry and Scott that were kind enough and talented enough to present the programme.

BBC School Report Day

Well, it’s BBC School Report Day, the Art Clast podcast team created a report for the event, though they were let down by poor correspondence from the BBC and the linking and broadcast of the report was not completed. It’s such a pity, as the report is one of the few that would have focused on how young people perceive art and culture around them. You can watch the report on Youtube  below.

Have I Got News For You

Click on the image to see the animation

I’ve been trying to find a good way of displaying 3D images that I photographed at Breadalbane High in Aberfeldy. The images need to be viewed through 3D Red & Blue Anaglyph glasses, so unless you have a pair, you don’t really get the idea.

Messing around with the images, I decided to try and make a moving animated GIF to see if it maybe gave a better idea of the artwork. It might not be as good as viewing the image through the 3D glasses but it does give you an idea of the work in three dimensions.

‘The News at Ten’ is a relief piece created by Hazel D (S3, Breadalbane). The piece focuses on our obsession with television and news and how the news media uses shock tactics and highlights things that are wrong, rather than things that may be going right. This onslaught of negative imagery makes us feel bad, frightened or threatened and therefore makes us watch more news to stay informed.

Hazel had such a tough time trying to keep the large papier mache fist stable and protruding. It’s weight and awkwardness made what should have been an easy gluing task, an absolute nightmare. All the effort was worth it though, the work is powerful and pushes itself onto the viewer, reflecting points that it’s trying to put across. A great success out of a multitude of problems. Well done Hazel.