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Brewster’s Mullions

This ‘Work from Home’ comes from Shannon Brewster (‘Hitmonshan’ on Instagram). She created this stylised painting of Notredame in Acrylics. I really like how she’s handled the surrounding houses, the simple but effective line work on the cathedral is the reason why I had to feature this piece. The colour palette is limited but works so well; drawing the viewers’ attention to the golden structure. The sky has a strange wash on it too, I don’t know how it’s done, but I like it.

Shannon reminded me of the blog and made me realise that people still want to visit it (it gets around 1,000 hits a day). So… Just for her and hopefully for the good of all the rest of us. I’ll try to get it up and running again. Keep a look out for new posts.

Do Judge A Book By Its Cover

This week’s AOTW comes from Hanna M (S5,OLSP), I’d shown her work around a year ago. It’s developed a lot since then. She’s currently working toward finishing her expressive and design units for her higher. The image above is actually her final piece for her design unit. It’s based around a book cover design on ideas that she has developed herself. Hanna uses her drawings and her creations in Photoshop via a graphics tablet to produce her work. This gives her work an incredible finish, one of the most professional I have ever seen for someone her age.

You can follow her through her Deviant Art Profile:


Danger Doppelgängers!

I first introduced you to Narin300‘s work around a year ago. Since then, her ideas have been developing and her skills have advanced tenfold. I was so shocked at the publication of her new images featuring her interacting with her own doppelgänger that I had to show them off as soon as possible. The images remind me of work that was featured in Saatchi’s ‘Sensational’ exhibition a few years back, though they hold no pretension.

The trick is simple, though Narin has pushed it into something far more than the visual magic. It takes a while to notice that it is the same person, that’s because she has been very clever in developing slight different personalities for ‘herself’. Even when the characters are wearing similar or identical clothing, by changing her emotions or interactions, Narin has developed two different people. You could even be forgiven for thinking that these photos are of identical twins.

You can check out more of her artwork over on her deviant art profile:


Sticks & Stones

The soundtrack from the With/Without short film is available for download or streaming. The track, written and performed by Rosie B and Rachel W is maybe not to everyone’s listening taste, though I think it’s fantastic.

You can now also send me your tracks through Soundcloud and I can feature them if they’re any good. Click on the Soundcloud dropbox at the bottom of the right column.

Beerjacket – ‘Drum’

I was working a day long workshop in Notre Dame on Monday and was able to acquire permission to use Beerjacket’s ‘Drum’ song for use in a music video. Beerjacket is Peter Kelly, a once Glasgow based musician, he writes beautifully sour alt-folk songs.

The video is a shadow puppet short based around a little bear who becomes obsessed with drumming. This leads to some gruesome repercussions and a dramatic end. I’m so proud of the Notredame girls for making this in a day, it’s absolutely amazing.

If you quite like what you hear, you can visit Beerjacket’s site below and listen to more, as well as purchase tracks individually from him for a small fee.



The above video is the final edit for Notre Dame High School’s entry into the Young Brits at Art competition. The film is based on the competition’s theme ‘a world without prejudice’. The film has had to go through several edits to make it suitable for myself, the school and the competition, though I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. The most exciting thing for me is the music created by Rosie B and Rachel W who actually win my ‘Artwork of the week’ this week. Their improvised score really is a work of art. It suits the feeling and mood of the short film and fits into the intro and credits perfectly.

The Freedom And The Courage

Adilah B (S5) from Notredame has amazing skill. Her concentration and drive is almost frustrating to watch. You just end up envious of her and feeling sorry for yourself. Though, my neurosis aside, Adilah’s style is her own, it’s uniquely messy with a controlled brilliance, it’s complete freedom with a driven confidence. I often wonder how she can manage to draw a hairy line that looks so clean and precise. Though this is the very reason why her work is so interesting. It’s full of contradictions and impossibilities that you think shouldn’t work, but somehow do, just because it’s Adilah who did it.

Like the still life study above, Adilah has used a 2B pencil, which has an extremely soft lead on canvas textured card. Now you would think that it would be impossible to get any kind of definite line or signs of pencil marks and strokes. You would also think that the line should be uncontrolled and messy or smudged due to the nature of the lead and the texture of the card… but it isn’t? How can that be?

Technically, Adilah’s still life is my Artwork of the Week, though as a bonus I thought I would show you some of her Graphic Design work. The piece below is a few pencil tonal studies of a clamp that Adilah had to bisect. Enjoy.