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OLSP Vox Pops’ Sign

Paul B (S5, OLSP) created this sign at the end of term last year for a Vox Pop show that is ran by my colleague and friend; Miss McInnes. Paul is a master at using spray paint and he took a few hours out of classes to plan, layout and spray the sign. I’ve only just got around to taking a batch of photos off my camera and this was one of them. Can’t wait to see it being used for the project.

Begging To Be Seen

This week’s chosen artwork is a sneak peek at the piece that Sammy M is entering into the Aesthetica Creative Competition. Sammy spent around two months of lunch times planning, painting and pencilling the work above. Those in the know will remember her from a few posts ago, she won a ‘Design a Superhero’ competition. I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a beautiful and emotive piece of work. I’m wishing her luck on behalf of all that visit the blog.