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I Spy With My Little Eye



Conor T (S4/Holyrood Secondary) has created this great unit for his National 5 Expressive looking at self portraiture and distortion caused by a magnifying glass. He has used the paint very confidently and stylistically to create a sense of closeness and inspection. We find ourselves examining the subject as he is seen to be examining us.

I really like the sketch work on top of the maps on his development sheet. It’s a nice juxtaposition of the idea of examining and it being drawn on paper that may be peered at through a magnifying glass. It also adds a great background pattern for Conor to work on top of.


Conor’s final piece is really strong, combining many concepts of audience, of subject and of meaning. It’s really nice to see pupil work tackle artistic meaning on a variety of different levels. Great Work Conor and a well deserved Artwork of the Week.


Emma D’s Machinature CD

Emma D (S3, OLSP) has been working hard to finish off her CD Booklet Design that she has created along with the rest of her classmates.

Each pupil had to draw, colour, scribble and paint four separate studies, as well as create two separate transparent prints and write a set of lyrics for a song.

The studies, based on the conflict between nature and machines focused on plants, cogs, circuitry and animal patterns.

Emma’s patterns are extremely neat and vivid, her pen work is interesting and dramatic and along with her fun and dynamic robot painting, she has created a wonderful CD booklet.

The process wasn’t just visual images, Emma and her class were asked to produce or customise a song/lyrics to feature in the booklet. Emma’s lyrics below are based around a song by Adele, though read as if they should be in a Radiohead album.

A beautiful booklet and a great object to keep and look back on in years to come, great work Emma.

Homies Collection 1

I have a nice varied selection of work to show you today, below is a great paint by numbers example by Megan P (S1, OLSP). I wouldn’t normally feature a paint by numbers as I prefer originally drawn work, though Megan has painted the canvas board really well, she’s also included glitter (which you can’t really see in the photo) and I’m a real sucker for glitter.

Nicole C (S1, OLSP) has provided the fun example of her name below. I really like the style of the lettering and the colours used. You can never have enough hearts or flames.

Murdo D (S2, OLSP) provides an insight into what he thinks school is like. Looks like a place filled with brain dead zombies, unable to talk, imprisoned in their own bodies. You should become a teacher Murdo… you don’t know the half of it… hehe

And finally for this set Alison C (S1,OLSP) has drawn these disturbing staring eyes. I’m not too sure if I should be freaked out as they seem to stare into my soul, or to be very upset as they look very sad, on the verge of crying.

Turtle Power

This week’s ‘artwork of the week’ comes from Fran (S3, OLSP). She has been working on her lighting windows for a few weeks now and has finally collected her hard work together into something that is close to being mounted onto her sheets. Her use of tissue and stenciling to portray a turtle’s skin and shell has been really successful. Fran created a light box out of card, tinfoil and Ikea battery powered lights to show off her designs.


Pyskopaint is a great flash website that lets you upload your own photos and paint over the top of them in many different artist styles such as Munch, Renoir and Monet. I haven’t had much time with it yet, though the introduction and the samples have already blown me away. There’s also great tutorial videos to train you up too. If you give it a try and produce anything good from it, I’d love to see your efforts.


There Is A Light That Never Goes Out…

This Artwork of the Week has been a long time coming. I think I overlooked it due to just being too busy and the works being created for YBAA were so good and plentiful that I didn’t get a chance to revisit it. Alison C‘s (S3, Duncanrig) work was such a simple a beautiful idea. The triptych work was based around prejudice and prejudice is formed from not knowing. We lack knowledge due to things being harder to see, hidden, in the dark. So, Alison turned the light on for us. It’s a really clever idea, an idea that the Equality and Human Rights Commission loved too, making it one of their top 100 shortlisted entries for YBAA.

Sorry this took me so long Alison, but it’s such a lovely piece, it was really worth waiting for.