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Paper Planes

Ryan F (S2,OLSP) has been working on his paper mache tile for an S2 joint group project. The ‘Eco Tile’ has been based on highlighting air travel and the effect excessive, cheap, frequent flying has on the environment. Ryan’s design is very dynamic and action packed, it’s a mini sculpture. Above, he adds finishing touches with ripped paper towels to smooth out wrinkled paper, but to add a textured effect so that it can be dry-brushed to look like stone. Well done Ryan… A marvelous piece of work.

‘Twilight’ Zone



This week’s ‘A.O.T.W’ comes from Jennifer in S2. She attends Mrs McAlinden’s art class (a first for this art blog – a student who is not in my class). I have been made aware that the theme of this strange mask is taken from ‘Twilight’, though I have to admit that I hate the idea of ‘Twilight’ and refuse to find out more.

The mask is tremendously well painted with nicely cut chess pieces at the top of the face. It bears a ribbon that merges nicely into the painted face, who’s gold eyes stare intensely at the observer. Two silver lined hands emerge from the head holding a luscious apple. A beautifully made piece of art.

Days Of The Dead – Best Of The Rest

Below you will find a selection of the Days of the Dead artworks. Papier mache skeletons in cardboard and papier mache coffins, each pupil tried to make their work unique by creating individual themes. This is not all of the skeletons made, there were around one hundred actually made, though it’s a few that I thought stood out from the rest.

Jake The Funeral Director


‘Artwork of the Week’ comes from Louise in 2L. She made this amazing skeleton in a coffin for ‘Days of the Dead’. Her application of the Papier Mache and Paint was fantastic. It gives her a work a real smooth look and makes it look very professional. Probably more professional than they’d ever bother to make in Mexico, as they are very disposable. This is the second time Louise has had work featured on the blog. She is becoming quite a regular. Fantastic stuff.


Cow Parade Sculptures

The final cow sculptures look amazing. Although it was more difficult teaching the pupils to make every cow individual, it was worth it. The cows got an amazing response from all who saw them. Showing them at the Gleniffer final year show, a parent offered to buy Katherine‘s ‘Super Cow’ for £60. ‘Super Cow’ ended up being one of the major attractions of the parade, although I thought they were all amazing. It is really hard to pick a favourite.

‘Hatred Destroys All’ – A Holocaust Day Sculpture

2A (Gleniffer) have been working on a group sculpture for the Anti-Hatred/Holocaust Day competition ran by Renfrewshire Council. They made an interactive sculpture, it consists of 16 papier mache pebbles (to resemble the pebbles placed on a Jewish grave), stenciled with letters that read “Hatred Destroys All.” The observer is invited to re-arrange the letters, destroying the phrase.