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The Pit-A-Pattern Of Your Heart

This week’s ‘Artwork of the Week’ comes from Holly M (S2). She was given the task of creating a sketchbook cover using a think permenant marker and a thin fine line pen. The use of thick and thin pens force pupils to think about their line usage and how to mix different weights of line to create a more interesting drawing. Holly had to create a repeat pattern to a brief that stated she use co-ordinates or chaotic pattern, both pens and no colour. She planned out several ideas and decided to go for this lace heart pattern; which I think is fab. 


Kyle, Nicole and Kieran (S2, OLSP, Top, Middle & Bottom Above) finish off the vines on their amazing Timorous Beasties co-ordinate pattern. They will then photograph them and make a pattern to repeat on a surface such as wallpaper, upholstery or textiles. Ryan (S2, OLSP, Below) takes time to consider what kind of vines, stems and leaves he will place around his Weevil motifs.

Worthy Of Goldsworthy

While on my third student placement at Notredame Secondary  I thought that it was time to try teaching outside the classroom. Not just in another room or hall, actually outside. Now most teachers won’t remember the ‘outside’, but hopefully some of you pupils out there will have seen it during your summer holidays.

I decided to get pupils to collect some leaves (I made twenty kits with gloves, a bag and rules on collecting) to start a Goldsworthy influenced unit. The leaves would be studied and drawn, then composed and collaged in the classroom to prepare for outside work. By involving the pupils in the task under classroom rules I was preparing them for similar work outside the classroom.


Pupils sketched their chosen leaf, traced and duplicated the sketch, then inked the drawing in black pen. The drawings were then cut out and composed on a sheet of green card. Pupils were allowed to swap and trade their leaves with other peers to build up a pattern of their choice. The pattern was then fixed with glue.


Pupils, now familiar with the idea of making a constructed pattern with natural objects,explored the technique with natural items in 3D in the classroom.



I split the classroom into five workstations; wood, petals, leaves, stone and water. At each workstation pupils would explore the material and try to build as many pieces of art in a ten minute block. Good examples were then photographed and discussed with the class on why they were successful. These ideas would then be used for inspiration when we took the project outside.

3 Homeworks In 1 Night?!


Work from home submissions are like buses. You wait and wait for one and all of a sudden, three come along all at once. Let’s get started; Michael C (S1) gave me this little pattern ages ago, it had then been adorning my personal board above my computer at my desk. Michael is always creating patterns on graph paper. This one features the ying yang symbol which is a representation of good and evil.


Below Sean (S1) practices trying to draw himself in a mirror, something we had been exploring in class.


Kirsten (S1) explores the realms of the fantastical and returns with this coloured study of a dragon.