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The Pit-A-Pattern Of Your Heart

This week’s ‘Artwork of the Week’ comes from Holly M (S2). She was given the task of creating a sketchbook cover using a think permenant marker and a thin fine line pen. The use of thick and thin pens force pupils to think about their line usage and how to mix different weights of line to create a more interesting drawing. Holly had to create a repeat pattern to a brief that stated she use co-ordinates or chaotic pattern, both pens and no colour. She planned out several ideas and decided to go for this lace heart pattern; which I think is fab. 

Killing Time


I haven’t really updated the work from home section in a long time and have a huge backlog of doodles and drawings to get through, so to try and keep everyone happy, I will try and feature one piece of work from each pupil. If you’d like to see more from any single individual, let me know and I will sort something out, otherwise, enjoy the variety.


Above, Nicole H (S2, OLSP) gives us a weird, surreal, but very entertaining poster image. The bun character looks insane, though it is mildly discerning that it is labelled ‘Mum’. I have a hundred questions about it, but don’t want to ask them as any answer that was given would not be as rewarding as looking at that image. Below, Lauren C (S2, OLSP) has drawn a beautifully simple bird drawing on ripped paper. there is something very sad and lonely about this image, I love it.



Above; Hana K (S2, OLSP), who has been previously featured (1/2) provides us with this very graphic and stylised face drawing. I really like the nearly non-existent nose, I would’ve liked it to have been completely removed. The pen work to fill in the shapes must have taken ages to do.

Emma D’s Machinature CD

Emma D (S3, OLSP) has been working hard to finish off her CD Booklet Design that she has created along with the rest of her classmates.

Each pupil had to draw, colour, scribble and paint four separate studies, as well as create two separate transparent prints and write a set of lyrics for a song.

The studies, based on the conflict between nature and machines focused on plants, cogs, circuitry and animal patterns.

Emma’s patterns are extremely neat and vivid, her pen work is interesting and dramatic and along with her fun and dynamic robot painting, she has created a wonderful CD booklet.

The process wasn’t just visual images, Emma and her class were asked to produce or customise a song/lyrics to feature in the booklet. Emma’s lyrics below are based around a song by Adele, though read as if they should be in a Radiohead album.

A beautiful booklet and a great object to keep and look back on in years to come, great work Emma.

Saving Birks Cinema

I’d been asked by a friend to provide a custom made postcard for the postcard auction in Aberfeldy to ‘Save Birks Cinema‘. The postcards, created by amateurs and professionals, will be auctioned off to raise money to hopefully rebuild the cinema. I thought I’d do something a little tongue in cheek by showing my love/hate relationship with the cinema. The boy is cynically remarking how he’s glad he saved the cinema, even though girls around him are on their mobile phones and throwing popcorn. Just so you know, the film they’re watching is ‘Jaws’.



The Greenhouse Effect

Caitlin G (S6, OLSP) finishes off the shadowing on the leaves of the foliage in her drawing above. This botanical house piece has taken her weeks to finish, it’s an intricate pen drawing with an insane amount of detail. It’s form and use of dark and negative shapes help steer the eye around and across the work. This is just a small part of her advanced higher unit, if the rest of her work is touching anywhere near this one in quality, she should do extremely well.


Kyle, Nicole and Kieran (S2, OLSP, Top, Middle & Bottom Above) finish off the vines on their amazing Timorous Beasties co-ordinate pattern. They will then photograph them and make a pattern to repeat on a surface such as wallpaper, upholstery or textiles. Ryan (S2, OLSP, Below) takes time to consider what kind of vines, stems and leaves he will place around his Weevil motifs.


Ally B (S2, OLSP) has created this amazing work for the Super Hero competition being run in West Dunbartonshire at the minute. It’s based on her actual pet dog, which makes it even more personal and unique. I love how she has drawn detailed boxes of Super Honey’s powers. Here’s wishing her the best of luck in the competition. Good luck Ally!

Tasja’s feLINES

This week’s featured artwork comes from Tasja (S3, OLSP). She’s working on her initial drawing for her design unit. She will take her chosen animal and design three dimensional forms and patterns with it, but it is this first drawing on her investigation sheet that the judges will see.

Tasja hasn’t exactly captured her resource, though I’m glad she hasn’t, she’s added more of her own self into the drawing and that is much more interesting to me that an exact duplicate. Looking at the style, I can see that she is interested in graphic/comic style art, the Cheetah’s face is almost human, it’s protruding chin and sculpted face, it resembles a male human face.

She focuses on details of pattern and width of line. By changing the thickness of her line, she makes her drawing interesting to look at, as well as making her drawing easy to look at by varying her lines. Use of dynamic curves (thicker lines on the bends or curves of lines) gives her drawing an air of action. The animal is standing still, though looks like it could pounce at any point. A great piece of work.

Saara’s World



This week’s chosen artwork comes from Saara A from Notredame Secondary. Her project was to take a famous painting and adapt a story to it using four re-drawn panels. Saara had decided to go with ‘Christina’s World’ by Andrew Wyeth, a famous painting about a crippled girl crawling across a field. I was interested to see that Saara went for a different story focusing on the drama of running away rather than the actual reason for the painting, it really was quite refreshing. She originally wrote the story in her native language then translated it to English. It was then edited and typed into her A4 folded book.

Saara ColourClick to see larger readable version.