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Mighty Morphing Painted Teenager

This oil painting by Chantelle McIntyre (S6) was created by photoshopping images of her and doll faces together, the image is then printed out over a series of A4 pages which are then ripped into pieces and glued onto larger card to create a textured image. Chantelle then painted over the top of the print outs which sounds like a cheat, but it’s incredibly difficult to colour match and avoid making mistakes. It really just cuts out the time wasted on scaling up and drawing out.



This week’s AOTW comes from Kat M (S5 OLSP). Unfortunately, Kat has now left school to move onto college. Some people enjoy their senior years of school, others grow impatient and can’t wait to get out.

I’m always against pupils leaving school for college, it lacks the support, the authority and the strong planning that school provides. For me, it is a rare occurrence to hear that someone has completed their college course, they normally drop out before completion, but I know Kat has the drive and the talent to see it through and make her leaving a good decision.

This piece is a collaged background painted with oil paints. It is created in a similar fashion to how Dave McKean (artist for Batman and Sandman) would paint his covers. I’ve tried to talk Kat into letting me keep this work when it comes back from marking, though she won’t let it go.

Wanted! – Isla G’s Skills


Isla G is in my S1 class and is working towards finishing her Wanted Poster for a challenge based on crime and forensics. Her skills are really sharp for her age, her focus and drive betters most of the older pupils in my classes. This passion shows in her work, more realistic pieces due to good observation and fine detail through working into a drawing until it is right. She has a few minor touches to do on her pastel work, though her completed sheet can’t get much better than it is now.


A Whole New Level



When you see Monica S’s (S6/OLSP) work it just makes you want to take all your pencils and paints and throw them in the bin. Don’t!!! There’s only one way of being this good… practice. Her paintings are absolutely exquisite. She has been working on a series of portraits for her Adv. Higher course. Taught by Mr Kelly (the PT of OLSP and my boss), she has been focusing on getting an element of photo realism along with a little touch of Impressionism. These few paintings of her sister are just a small glimpse into her talent. I worked with her in developing her digital portfolio and will publish it here as soon as I get a chance.


Urban Renewal

I nearly deleted this beautiful piece by accident, so it’s only fair that I feature it as ‘Artwork of the Week’. Laura O (S1 now S2, Art Claster and Film Maker, OLSP) finished it at the end of term last year and it got lost in my iPhoto library. I asked Laura O to create a depressing urban image and this is what she created… quite depressing, but very beautiful.

In Paula’s Hands

Unfortunately due my laziness, the blog has fallen into a bit of a slump. I thought I should kick start it back on track with some great skill from Paula A H (S3, OLSP High) who’s work from home was featured two weeks ago. Paula has been working on analytical drawings of her own hands (one with her drawing hand, the other with her non-drawing hand (above)), and a pastel study as an alternative to  portraiture.

Paula’s skill is very obvious, even in her pastel piece that is still to be finished. Paula starts off the piece by drawing an outline of the shapes, she then adds highlighted blobs of colour to build up the form. When using pastel it is advisable to work from light to dark colours as it is easy to cover a white pastel with black, but impossible to cover a black pastel with white.

Really beautiful work. I’ll update this post when the piece has been finished. Well Done Paula.

“There’s No Way That’s A Drawing”

This week’s artwork comes from Nadia B (S5) from Notredame High. This is her first sheet from her expressive unit. The pencil work is absolutely stunning, the photo does not do it justice. My favourite drawing has to be the egg in the egg cup. The tonal rendering is perfect. Nadia’s skill is evident in the way she can layer enough pencil marks on top on each other to merge them into looking like a solid firm object. Her skin looks like flesh, her surfaces look smooth and hard and her cloth looks soft and malleable. A truly stunning collection of drawings to end the week with.  Thanks Nadia.