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Killing Time


I haven’t really updated the work from home section in a long time and have a huge backlog of doodles and drawings to get through, so to try and keep everyone happy, I will try and feature one piece of work from each pupil. If you’d like to see more from any single individual, let me know and I will sort something out, otherwise, enjoy the variety.


Above, Nicole H (S2, OLSP) gives us a weird, surreal, but very entertaining poster image. The bun character looks insane, though it is mildly discerning that it is labelled ‘Mum’. I have a hundred questions about it, but don’t want to ask them as any answer that was given would not be as rewarding as looking at that image. Below, Lauren C (S2, OLSP) has drawn a beautifully simple bird drawing on ripped paper. there is something very sad and lonely about this image, I love it.



Above; Hana K (S2, OLSP), who has been previously featured (1/2) provides us with this very graphic and stylised face drawing. I really like the nearly non-existent nose, I would’ve liked it to have been completely removed. The pen work to fill in the shapes must have taken ages to do.

Modern Art Fair

It’s always tough as a teacher, competing with television, cinema and gaming. It seems that a lot of male pupils’ spare time revolves around Modern Warfare 2, even though most are below the recommended certificated age. I thought I’d try and put together a quick poster to attract the attention of some of these pupils.

By combining the point of view from MW2 and Roy Lichenstien’s ‘Whaam’, I was trying to show the similarities between art and gaming. I think that people forget that art inspired photography, photography inspired film and film inspired gaming.

The poster is free to download in ‘the box’ (bottom of right hand column).


Assisting Primary School Teaching Students through their design unit, I was asked to fulfill the brief of not only creating a short stop animation, but also designing a poster portraying the folly of war.

I had come up with several ideas centering around the idea of ‘your country needs you’ etc, though I was really interested in Russian propaganda posters and also portraying actual facts. My idea was to show that the scale of wars was getting larger and more incomprehensible as we move forward. Technology and military progression has meant that war has become ridiculously easy.

After researching the death count that occurred in each of the World Wars, I had decided that I was going to create a disturbing bar chart made with human bodies, though an idea popped into my head; are the size of weapons relevant to the amount of casualties or deaths that were produced?

Below you will see the final production for my ‘folly of war’ poster design.

Promoting Your Talent

Alison R(S6) designed the clever poster above for Castlehead’s talent show contest (which was held yesterday) through her Enterprise class. Although I helped her a little with the technical side and some photoshopping experience, the idea and choices were all her own. Her friend Megan posed for the image and I think she has done an amazing job. Her pose gives an air of passion and makes us believe that the performer is not only really trying her best, but is also an entertainer reveling in her success.

The poster information is clear and concise, promoting the performer’s names and giving the onlooker an idea of who and what to expect in the show. A fantastic design, well done Alison.

Mia’s Advice


We have two Artwork’s of the Week running very closely together this week as last week’s was delayed by about 3 days, either way, it’s one artwork per week and this is our newest entry.

After seeing Mia S (S1) leaving off this fabulous poster off in her teacher’s classroom (Mrs Day). I thought that the characters and the illustrations were so appealing that I had to take a photograph. The poster is mostly created from the imagination, very little resources were used to make it. The type and the layout is all Mia.

You can see a lot of these environmental posters that are very badly conceived, though Mia’s effort doesn’t remind me of them. The poster has so much fun to it, its tag line, its colouring and its background. If I saw details of the council and a logo at the bottom of the page, I wouldn’t have been surprised. This could be a professionally printed poster.

For me, I think the font makes the poster. The way the type is coloured and its style adds quality to the work. Great poster Mia.