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Face Paint


I haven’t taught Paula H for nearly a year now, so when I saw the higher work she had been creating with my friend and colleague, Miss McInnes, my mouth dropped open. Last year, she fought so hard to achieve a good result in her Standard Grade exam, getting a ‘1’ for her oil pastel self-portrait. The work she is creating now, makes her older work look like a monkey drew it. Below are just some highlights of her new painting skills and her highly analytical pencil drawings. Truly amazing.



UPDATE: She’s also just finished the painting below, I had to take another photo and show it off. Great work.


It Figures…

My friend and colleague, Miss McInnes (OLSP) has sketched this little masterpiece below. We are putting together examples of units for the new National 4 and 5 qualifications. Miss McInnes is working on a figurative unit to show pupils how they would tackle the two sheets and ‘added value’ final piece on that theme. This is a great piece of observation pencil work, it has taken her a few hours to get this far, though it’s definitely worth it.

Cast Of ‘The Pupil’ Thanked On The Paranormal Activity Blu-Ray

I got a free copy of the Blu-Ray of Paranormal Activity today, sent from Think Jam. I was quite excited in seeing the layout of the competition winning films and it was really good to see they were nicely presented. It’s a pity that ‘The Pupil’ had to be withheld due to the cast’s age and the competitions terms and conditions, though Think Jam made sure we were thanked on the DVD and Blu-ray. It’s not a great compromise, but at least it was something. The actual winner was ‘Heebie Jeebies’, which was nicely shot.

The Gleniffer Pupils involved in the making of ‘The Pupil’ were each thanked by name as a special acknowledgment at the end of the shorts. It is proof that what we had achieved in that one year of lunchtime filming was truly spectacular.

Wee Issue on ‘The Hour’

Another Youtube upload, Rachel H and April H (ex-pupils from Gleniffer) being interviewed on ‘The Hour’ for Scottish Television.

For those that are asking how it happened, I was able to get Rachel H into the Big Issue for work experience last year through my friend Vicky and partner Laura. Rachel had done such a good job that Paul McNamee (Editor) wanted to try a whole issue that would be completely written by teenagers. I think he had the idea for it, though didn’t think it would be possible until Rachel came in and amazed him with her talent.

This year I recommended April H, though there was a big mess up with her work experience and Vicky and Laura had to take her in through an alternative route. Like Rachel, April is extremely focused and driven and so impressed the Big Issue staff. I don’t really know how others were chosen for it. Hope that clears up all the questions.

Abnormal Activity (‘The Pupil’ Wins Top Ten Place In The Paranormal Activity Competition)

I was notified this week that ‘The Pupil’ has won a top ten place in the Paranormal Activity Competition. The film club was notified and Think Jam (the company that ran the competition) were trying their best for the short to be featured on the Paranormal Activity DVD.

Unfortunately for all of those involved, the legal team who sort out the rights in the distribution of the DVD decided that it could not feature anyone under 18 years of age (even though the DVD will be rated 15). As this was the main part of the prize, I’m now wondering what will happen. I know that myself, the school, the club and their parents were excited to hear of the win, then totally gutted when it didn’t work out.

After building up the club’s hopes and flattening them again, I still must say that I’m really proud of them. To think, that a small little creation from a lunch time school club could beat so many other contenders on larger budgets and with more skill and life experience. Those involved: Richard G, Mark M, Robbie S, Lewis M and Crawford W should know that they have done amazingly well.

The Pupil Edited For Paranormal Activity Comp

I received a mail from ‘Be Prepared To Be Scared‘ asking me to submit a 3 minute version of ‘The Pupil’ into the Paranormal Activity Competition. The prizes are varied and great, so it would be amazing for the pupils that took part in the short, if they get the recognition they deserve.

Below you will get the chance to view the edited HD version.