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Jim Quigley (1946 – 2010)

I attended the memorial and wake of Jim Quigley yesterday. Sadly, his body had given in to terminal cancer, though I was delighted to know that his spirit had not. He had enjoyed his life right up to his last moments, which were spent socialising with family and friends. It was a beautiful service with lots of mixed emotions and truly memorable moments.

I had met Jim a while back at my student placement for my teaching degree at Notre Dame High School. He was a funny and caring man who was looking forward to his retirement and catching up on some fishing, after many years of grafting as a teacher. I remember going for a drink with him on his last day and he was talking about some of the many interesting moments of his career with never a negative word said about any of them. I can only hope that my ongoing career will be as busy and meaningful.

The little fish image above is something I made for him when he was leaving the Notre Dame Art Department. My thoughts are with his family.

Wait No Longer

This week’s Artwork of the Week comes from a Primary Teaching Student at the University of Glasgow. Miss Quigley created the short animation below at home. This gritty and quite realistic animation was shot using a Sony digital camera, then the photos were processed through iStop Motion, with sounds and editing completed in iMovie.

The short focuses on the people who are left behind after war, it shows us that it is not just those that are involved in the war, but those connected, who feel a greater impact through hurt and loss. The figure of the lead woman waiting on her loved one is extremely successful, her clothes look of the period and flow and move realistically, her proportions are more real than that usually seen in animations and she reacts well within the scenery, with the lighting and with each prop.

A beautifully created masterpiece with visuals and emotions that stay with you long after the film has finished.