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Kiss And Makeup

Rachel A is an ex-pupil from a few years back. She is very driven and does not fear hard work and graft. She had previously been featured as Artwork of the Week a few years back and her snake light was selected as one of the top ten artworks of all time on this blog. She has been really busy recently completing her HNC in Fashion Makeup in Aberdeen and is currently looking to take her career into a more professional setting.

Rachel’s creative work is incredibly varied. It ranges from the commercial, to the couture and the insanely theatrical. Of course, it is not just about makeup, it also involves costumes, lighting, photography and locations. There are so many factors involved in capturing a moment, along with the right composition and not distracting the viewer’s attention away from the actual makeup. The photos shown are just a few of the examples of her breadth and skill.

I absolutely love the image above, I can’t believe how professional this image is; the lighting, the atmosphere, the overall feeling… from someone still young and learning her trade. I could quite easily see this image as a commercial advert for perfume, fashion or jewellery. It’s quite magical, reminding me of a still from a Lars Von Trier film.

Rachel is looking to widen her experience and is open to any opportunities for shadowing or commission. If you are situated in the UK (especially in the Scotland area) and might have an opportunity for her, you can contact me through the site and I will pass it on to her. You can also check out more of her work below:

The Joys Of Artpad

I have spent a lot of my time arguing that the Art Classroom is the most important place to be, but on some occasions it helps to get out of confinement of the subject classroom and book some time in the computer suites. Technology plays such a huge role in art making now, you would have to be an idiot to ignore it. You need the internet to promote yourself, you need layout experience to organise business cards and catalogs, photo-books and promotion. Almost every image ever published has grazed its way through Photoshop, the software helps to clean up the image, to re-size, lighten or crop.

It is for this very reason that I think that all artists need some technical experience, and frankly, the more the merrier.

I had the opportunity to book some computer time for some S2 classes in Gleniffer. Below are some of the works and their links to Artpad where they were produced. Artpad allows the pupil to draw and replay images, it is a good stepping stone into basic computer drawing techniques using colour and opacity.

Click the blue links to replay each work on artpad.art.com.

Below Louise G has proven that ‘try, try again’ works. Unfortunately she had lost her classroom work and her computer had crashed several times. Louise kindly produced another image for me outside class time and I am grateful that she did. Although it’s not to her top ability, it shows promise and has been a very good experience for her to try.

Picture 1

Replay Louise G’s work.

Rachel W uses brush opacity to her advantage in this version of the Arc De Triomphe.

Picture 2

Replay Rachel W’s Arc over at artpad.

Beth W shows how a simple quick sketch can be made more interesting with a little dab of colour.

Picture 3

Replay Beth’s bird on artpad.

Jerome shows us how a very simple line drawing with a little touch of colour and wear can look dynamic and interesting.

Picture 4

Replay Jerome’s Rugby ball on artpad.

Heather provides us with this strange but detailed look at animal anatomy.

Picture 5

Horse Trot over to see Heather’s work in replay.

Not Something To Hyde



Rachel in S2 has created an inventive title for her Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde book cover. The ‘Jekyll’ is written a neat script font with a classic ampersand (&) following. ‘Hyde’ is written in a font similar to the Evil Dead titles with blood spattered inside. The spatters are made with a fine red berol marker, each little spatter is a small circle that sprays out to ever decreasing circles. I like how Rachel has used the fonts to her advantage, telling the story of the classic book through the text. The minimal use of colour makes the title stand out. We have become so used to using Microsoft Word for type and font writing that drawing titles is becoming a dying art… It’s good to see that pupils like Rachel can keep the skill alive and show its worth.

Night Lights

So, S4 have been working themselves to the bone trying to finish their lighting unit final solutions. All work needs to be finished for next week, most are nearly there. Below you will see some of the lights in their ‘on’ state. The pupils had to think about how the light would react and look, on and off. The light is aimed to suit an Information Room in Edinburgh Zoo, so it had to be themed as such to suit the client.


Nicole‘s light is based on a parrot. She has emense focus and skill. Usually pupils need to have input to sort many problems that arise when building three dimensional objects. Nicole has been working from her own original ideas under her own incentive. She has created a stunning ornament.


Rachel A has put a lot of work into the above piece, and it shows. Based on a snake, Rachel had to build a wire frame to form a snake body, that didn’t quite work out, so she then had to build another sturdier shell from card. She had to actually make two final pieces. The tongue is a great touch, it’s a little creepy, but the red glow adds warmth and contrast to the shell.


Michael‘s theme is easily identifiable. He has worked paper fringing into the shark’s gills. It makes them look realistic and also has a nice effect on the light that has to fight its way through the hairs. The fin gives the body an un-even keel, it helps the form look more interesting.


It’s hard to get a nice mix of primitive and modern, though I feel Hannah S has done so, but it’s not without a lot of effort, attending after school classes and giving her all. The stripes are beautifully stitched on to tissue windows. The tiger fire pattern, painstakingly hand painted. I could really see this piece in an african themed livingroom, it does have obvious themes, but it is so subtely done that it looks very classy.


Using the wolf, Konor had tried his best to make his light frightening and unapproachable. By lighting up the deep red of the mouth, the light no longer attracts people in, it repels them away. The neoprene teeth help add to the suspense of the light being dangerous. A weird and threatening shade, though it strangely works, tempting the viewer’s interest with every scared glance.

Big Issues

Rachel from S4 got the chance to attend the Big Issue for her work experience after I’d arranged it through my sources. She left such a big impression that the Editor had stated that ‘she was one of the best work experience assistants that we’ve ever had’. I was so amazed receiving the feedback from her stay. She not only impressed the Big Issue staff by resourcing a lot of the photos for the issue, she also got a ‘by line’. I’m told that this is a very rare occurrence. A photo of Rachel’s article ‘The Real Lost World’ is below. Congratulations Rachel. You did me proud.