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Address To The Devil

The long awaited last of a trilogy of shadow puppet films based on the poems of Robert Burns. This short film, based on Robert Burns’ ‘Address To A De’il’, has been created by my two S1 classes in less than a week. Pupils storyboarded the poem and created the puppets and filmed the scenes. I edited the work together adding narration by Miss McInnes and some CC music.

Tae A Moose

My friend and colleague, Miss McInnes, recently supervised the creation of a shadow puppet film based on Robert Burns’ ‘Tae A Moose’. The short film was shown as part of Our Lady & St Patrick’s High School‘s Burns’ Supper 2013. Some of the imagery is absolutely beautiful, very sombre and full of emotion. I managed to lend a helping hand, though can claim no other credit other than for stealing a copy of it to show off on this blog. Enjoy…

In Fitness Or In Mental Health

This week’s AOTW comes from Alison C (S1, OLSP). Alison has been working with her classmates on a project looking at physical and mental health. This chalk and charcoal sketch was a study of a similar piece by Glasgow Artist Peter Howson. Howson paints physically strong men who are usually sad, poverty stricken and unhappy in their situation. Alison has shown great skill and patience looking in her work, it’s a shame it remains unfinished, though it’s still a great artwork. Well done Alison.

To A Louse

This week’s artwork comes from many pupils, over five classes worth in fact. My S1 (OLSP) classes having been working very hard to create a short shadow puppet animation for their Burns’ Supper tomorrow. The film itself took around three weeks to make, along with a few lunch times (thanks to all the pupils who came along and helped out when it was needed). I really don’t want to say too much about it, just watch it and listen to the wonderful narration by my colleague, Miss Clarkin… Great stuff.