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Katie Calls The Shots


Katie B (S2 / OLSP) has a huge interest in photography. Fortunately for her, she’s also got a great eye for a nice photograph. Her varied subjects and compositions make it a delight to look through her portfolio, below you will see a few examples from that collection.


Above, a beautiful ‘look through’ showing depth while attracting the eye to the centre of the image. Katie took the image in black and white, making the contrasts between light and dark much stronger while avoiding distracting her audience with colour. Below, Katie uses aperture to heighten the depth of field, drawing the viewers attention to the foreground pebbles while blurring into the background lets us know that the pebbles travel on for some distance. We’re shown a small piece of detail on a vast beach of sepia coloured rocks and stone.



Above, a beautifully stark image of the moon, surrounded by black negative space. The moon is slightly out of focus but rather than being a frustration to the viewer, it adds a beautiful halo around it’s outline which is the only element of colour in the whole image; a slight tinge of green. Lastly, below is a gloriously romantic image of what I presume to be cherry blossom. The contrasts in colour between the pink flower and sapphire blue sky adds a sense of dreaminess to the photo. This is only helped by a slight lens flare in the bottom right corner.


A Great Start To A New Year



Lara M (S2, OLSP) has started off our new term in style with her great nameplate above. All pupils of the Art Classroom create an individual name plate, using hand drawn lettering, focusing on light pencil work when laying out, good use of spacing and proportion, inking and pen work using dynamic drawing techniques and tonal and shading with their newly taught colour theory.

Lara’s artwork is a great example of when the right choices are made and a good amount of drive and effort are put in to complete it. I can’t wait to see more of her work.

Sophie’s World







Sophie (S2/OLSP) creates beautiful little jewellery pieces at home. The little silver cast charms are expertly collected together to form rings, ear-rings, necklaces and bracelets. What I like about the charms is the fact that a lot of them are modern items, not little horse shoes, bears or hearts as you would expect. Instead, Sophie combines little toothpastes and bottle tops, charms based on modern objects, all collected together to form these exquisite little pieces of art.

It Helps To Keep A Scrap Book

Chloe M (S3, OLSP) shows us how she collects images together for use later. Developing these skills as she did (this book is from S2) will help her when working towards her new National Qualification. Since the change of the qualification system, pupils are no longer required to write two essays, they are now expected to create a ‘resource book’ full of examples of art, notes and annotations about the artist and designer looked at and their inspirations. By introducing pupils to image collecting, note taking and resource building at earlier stages, we can help them become self reliant when it comes to their own inspiration and resources.

Disaster And Emergency ILC News

Here is the news programme that my S2 classes made for their ‘Disaster and Emergency’ unit. The project was part of an ‘Integrated Learning Challenge’ which every subject took part in. The animations were created by making moving paintings that were either stop animated or by way of puppets. I’d also like to thank Kerry and Scott that were kind enough and talented enough to present the programme.