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Back To Skull

Sorry I haven’t been posting, but what better way to make an apology than to make up for it with a fantastic chalk and charcoal drawing from Mia B (S3 – OLSP). Mia and her class had been complaining that skulls were not that ‘Christmassy’, but viewers of this blog will now know that this is about as ‘Christmassy’ as I get. Mia has captured so many great qualities from the black and white image that she was using as a resource. It’s not a perfect copy of the resource, but I actually think it’s a better representation of mortality and death. Mia’s focus on the jaw and teeth makes us imagine that the skull’s jaw is under tremendous tension and stress, it’s as if the skull is grinding its teeth.


This week’s Artwork of the Week comes from Eilidh G (S3, OLSP). I have never seen any of Eilidh’s work before, but after seeing her tiger fur drawing and machine cog sketch for a CD design she is currently working on, I’m yearning to see more. Eilidh’s sketching style is both intense, but on the side of freedom drawing (drawing carefree). I don’t know how she manages it, but I love her stylistic approach. This can only be achieved through very keen observations and great focus. You can’t fake this talent. Great stuff Eilidh! I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of her work on here.

Tasja’s feLINES

This week’s featured artwork comes from Tasja (S3, OLSP). She’s working on her initial drawing for her design unit. She will take her chosen animal and design three dimensional forms and patterns with it, but it is this first drawing on her investigation sheet that the judges will see.

Tasja hasn’t exactly captured her resource, though I’m glad she hasn’t, she’s added more of her own self into the drawing and that is much more interesting to me that an exact duplicate. Looking at the style, I can see that she is interested in graphic/comic style art, the Cheetah’s face is almost human, it’s protruding chin and sculpted face, it resembles a male human face.

She focuses on details of pattern and width of line. By changing the thickness of her line, she makes her drawing interesting to look at, as well as making her drawing easy to look at by varying her lines. Use of dynamic curves (thicker lines on the bends or curves of lines) gives her drawing an air of action. The animal is standing still, though looks like it could pounce at any point. A great piece of work.

In Top Form

This week’s work is from Paula A H (S3 from OLSP). Paula has very fine observation and proportion skills, so refined that she does not need guide or help lines. In her spare time she likes to try a lot of different ideas out. Looking at fashion, dress design, toning and sketching things that she likes. Below, you’ll see a nice example of some of her fashion ideas. Quick sketching with scribbling tones helps define the shape of the garments without spending hours drawing them out.

Paula also likes to draw and sketch recognisable characters, though rather than keeping them flat and simple, she introduces tone and shadows to give them form and substance. As an Art teacher you usually end up seeing a lot of copied cartoon characters, though I haven’t seen many with this type of attention to detail and focus on shading and light.

Whatever you draw, you should enjoy doing it. It you don’t, then there is very little point in continuing. Art should be something that you feel driven to do, to get anywhere in the field, you need this passion. If you don’t have it, you’ll find it extremely difficult to receive recognition or create opportunities. Paula obviously has this drive and her passion, alongside her continuing progress, is definitely seeing her well on her way through the creative route.

Still Life… Still Important.

S3 (St Benedicts) have been working towards finishing their investigation sheet of their expressive intermediate exam. The investigation sheet requires pupils to draw analytical studies of their chosen area; still life.

Peppers are often used as an introduction to still life drawing. This is because the pepper is an interesting natural shape, it’s surface is shiny, it’s insides are filled with detail and crevices, it is colourful and varied. The Pepper is the perfect object to learn observations skills from.

Below Robert shows good use of contrast, he has a great personal style to his drawing, it is free and scribbled. It has character and with practice, Robert should be able to fine tune his scribbles to get a controlled, stylised style.



Above Antonia adds more detail and tone to her flower study. She uses cross-hatching to add darker tones, as well as hatching to the contours of the petals to give her drawing form and substance. While below Heather uses her clean and patient tonal skills to bring volume to her Pepper.


Below Robyn works her scratchy style into her pepper. It is such a great expressive style that will also be useful when using pastels or paints, her use of multiple lines to cover the surfaces of her objects helps draw the viewers eye into the object. It’s like staring into the framework of how the objects are made.



And finally, above, Edward uses a similar style to help raise his flat objects from the page. By shading along the contours of an object, you can help to show the viewer the form and dimensions of the object. It’s a simple trick, though it has helped Edward make his pepper more realistic and make his drawing more interesting to to look at.

Stars And Stripes





This week’s ‘Artwork of the Week’ comes from John L (S3). John’s expressive unit was based around Americana still life. He wanted to show the cliched along with the expected. Like a patriotic advert for McDonalds or Starbucks, these three intermediate sheets show, what has come to be, the visual representation of everything that is ‘American’.

Democracy At Work

Lots of adults aren’t happy at the minute with the results the recent Election has delivered, but here in ‘The Art Classroom’, where we also work towards the majority win, the results of our poll are very pleasing. April H has been finishing her piece as voted by you, the audience, by a majority cut of 70/30. The poll had over 300 votes within a three week period and started arguments on both sides of the bench. In the end the ‘irregular choice’ won by a massive landslide. The happy majority can view the outcome of their voting power below. Well done to April for delivering on her promises to her voting public.