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BBC NEWS Games Special

The Art Clast team have been working very hard in completing a report for the BBC News School Report. They focused on games this year, highlighting addiction, underage gaming and the effects of violence and sexual imagery on players. It was quite a dark subject, so they tried to do it as a more light-hearted feature piece. You can watch the ‘rushed for air’ version here. There will be a longer, tighter edit posted up on YouTube soon.


The Art Clast BBC NEWS School Report Games Special

‘And In The End… She Did It Her Way!’

The great image below was taken and photoshopped by Fran K (S5, OLSP). It was created as part of my given task to compose a piece of work that embodied the surreal ethics of Manray. Fran focused on making her head look like a still life object and inserted it into a school locker. Considering she has just started taking photographs and that she has used Photoshop for a few hours, this is a marvelous feat. Fran had been featured on AOTW a few years back, though I feel her work just gets better and better.

BBC School Report Day

Well, it’s BBC School Report Day, the Art Clast podcast team created a report for the event, though they were let down by poor correspondence from the BBC and the linking and broadcast of the report was not completed. It’s such a pity, as the report is one of the few that would have focused on how young people perceive art and culture around them. You can watch the report on Youtube  below.


The above video is the final edit for Notre Dame High School’s entry into the Young Brits at Art competition. The film is based on the competition’s theme ‘a world without prejudice’. The film has had to go through several edits to make it suitable for myself, the school and the competition, though I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. The most exciting thing for me is the music created by Rosie B and Rachel W who actually win my ‘Artwork of the week’ this week. Their improvised score really is a work of art. It suits the feeling and mood of the short film and fits into the intro and credits perfectly.

The Destruction Of The Poppies

This week’s ‘Artwork of the Week’ is not from a secondary school pupil or even a teacher, in fact, it’s from three primary school pupils. Josh K, Bismah H and John M (P7 from St Paul’s) have been working on their stop animation set and characters based around WWII and the ‘folly’ of war. The idea involves a stomping Hitler bringing destruction to a beautiful field. Hitler will walk across the landscape changing it from green fields and blue skies to rubble and dust.

The P7 A & B classes have been working on creating posters and short films that reflect upon the war as well as teach us a lesson to never let it happen again. It’s a great project to be involved in.

The Primary Teachers have brought their animations and their assistance to St Paul’s to let the pupils have a try at making and editing a short, and looking at some of the sets and characters, they could well better their teachers’ attempt.