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Spoiler Review 1 – Tomatoes

This is the start of a brand new series of funny, short reviews that are either utterly pointless or immensely clever… You decide. Created by the original founding members of the Art Clast and OLSP Film Making groups I find that these little shorts are on par with material that is finding fame on YouTube and Vine. Artwork created in schools can be funny and the amount of thought, production, planning and skill to produce these little short reviews are just as respectable as time spent on a drawing or painting. In this first episode Bruce reviews tomatoes… Enjoy.

That’s The Way To Do It


The online premiere of Sammy Mansfield‘s new horror short; ‘Judy’. The film is inspired by the life of Judy, Mr Punch’s wife. She leads a life, harassed by Punch in a claustrophobic environment. Scripted, filmed, edited and created by Sammy Mansfield, the film was greatly received in its airing in school (via a mini custom cinema) last week and is now available for all to see on Youtube. Enjoy…

Looks Wet Out

Mrs Nicolson‘s class, 2AB3, created this great video for part of their school’s ‘Disaster and Emergency’ project. The style and feeling really reminds me of the work Stanley Donwood designed for Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. I gave a little hand filming and editing the short film together, though can claim no ownership of the concept, the idea or the artwork… that’s all down to Mrs Nicolson and her pupils. Such a fabulous little film, I’m glad I was able to be involved in its creation.

To A Louse

This week’s artwork comes from many pupils, over five classes worth in fact. My S1 (OLSP) classes having been working very hard to create a short shadow puppet animation for their Burns’ Supper tomorrow. The film itself took around three weeks to make, along with a few lunch times (thanks to all the pupils who came along and helped out when it was needed). I really don’t want to say too much about it, just watch it and listen to the wonderful narration by my colleague, Miss Clarkin… Great stuff.

Best Kept Secrets

The OLSP Film Making Club has finally finished the filming and editing of their one minute short for the Glasgow Film Festival Competition. The competition’s guidelines state that school uniforms are not allowed to be worn in the short, so it’s likely that it may be rejected. Saying that, I’m really proud of the group for coming up with the idea, George storyboarded the entire thing and they all acted and filmed it (Aaron, Bruce & Jordan). I lent a little help editing it together, though I can’t claim too much credit… Though I did create the theme song in Garageband and I think it works really well. The soundtrack is available below through SoundCloud.

Teacher Exemplars For Animation Design Unit About WWII

Below you will find some examples of the design sheets created for the animation unit themed on WWII. Created by Primary Teaching Students from Glasgow University, the sheets are a great example of the hard work that teacher’s have to put into every art unit they create. Photographs are taken while the exemplars were on display in Glasgow University/St Andrews Building.