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Piles Of Drawings, Drawing On Tiles

Kathleen M (S3, OLSP) provided her sketchbook to let me photograph a few pages from it. There was a huge range of images to choose from, though the small selection below is just a few of the drawings that I liked. Kathleen created a ‘Lowry’ New York scene last year for the previously featured ‘Disaster and Emergency’ ILC News broadcast. Kathleen has incredible skill, her range is not captured in these few quick drawings.

Kathleen also sent this photo of a mosaic table that she helped create for a family member’s garden. Having worked with mosaic tiles and enamel paints a few years ago myself, I can tell you that it is extremely hard to keep control of the image and to carefully arrange the cut tiles. Great work Kathleen, I can’t wait to see and publish more of it…

Inside Their Sketchbooks


We have two sketchbooks this weekend. The first is from Heather M (S1) and contains a majority of pastel pieces. Pastels are extremely hard to control, they are thick, dusty or oily and blunt very easily, so by continuing to practice and create, Heather is bettering her skills. She has been previously featured on The Art Classroom  here, though she continues to expand her sketchbook and add sketches with different styles and emotions.



The second sketchbook is from David S (S1). David works mainly in ‘B’ pencils creating quick observational sketches like the ones below; A surveilance camera at a supermarket, a vase of flowers and a trainer.




How To Start A Sketchbook


Louise from S2 hasn’t had her sketchbook for long, though she’s starting to fill it pretty quickly.


It’s often hard to start off a sketchbook as you cannot be too sure how the pages of the book should look. I often find that if you start off your sketchbook somewhere in the middle, to gain confidence working on each page before returning to the beginning, you’ll end up with a more attractive book. You want the first few and last few pages of your book to be spectacular, firstly to draw the viewer in, then leave them with something to remember.


Try to treat your sketchbook like a diary and aim to fill it a page a day or a page a week. Keep a routine or a schedule. You must aim to fill the book though, the last thing the world needs is another nearly blank sketchbook with 3 or 4 pages drawn on.


Thanks to Louise for letting me use her sketchbook as an example. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see more of your sketchbooks soon.

More Emma



Although Emma (S1) has been featured before, she has been working extremely hard in her sketchbook, pushing her toning skills forward and experimenting with colour and style.


A great use of tone, colour and pattern makes Emma’s work look more professional. The piece above is unfinished, though I like the pattern of the symbols and the way they are bordered by nice colourful frames. It reminds me of the game ‘Bejewelled’, a similar game to Tetris.


Manga Mania

We have a great selection of work from home this week, from not just one but three pupils! There are a great deal of pupils influenced by Japanese artwork (and specifically Japanese cartoon and comic art – ‘Manga’), I felt an interest towards Manga some years ago. The differences in cultural references, jokes, and methods of drawing really appealed to me, as it has for the following pupils…

First up we have several drawings by Billy and coloured by John (S2) . I recognise the characters from Dragonball Z, so their likeness is great. It’s always hard to draw a recognisable character and get away with it if it isn’t completely correct. It can end up looking like it’s been ‘run over’ or been washed full spin at 90º.  So Sean has done a great job to capture the likeness and style of the series.




Shannon (S2) gave The Art Classroom an old sketchbook to air. There were so many great images inside that it was tough to choose a few. There was a nice mix of costume design and character design on various papers in a wide range of different media. Below are some of my favourites from the book…




Last, but not least is Heather’s (S1) huge output of work. Heather draws her own Manga comics with characters she has created. She plans the story, the dialogue and the layout of the panels. It’s interesting to see the process in action from the character creation to the plot development.  Heather gave over her sketchbook and a folder worth of drawings, a few of my favourites are shown below…