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Snow Day

With all the chaos that’s been going on at the minute with the snowy weather and school closures, I was able to get the chance to catch up on reading my emails. I’m glad I did because I was instantly cheered up when I read a reply sent to me from Ruth W. Her Mum had been teaching an Art Project to a P5 section and had asked some advice on running the unit. I had suggested using some tracing paper to build depth and use of black and white paper to sustain contrasts, but I’d never thought I’d see such great examples as the ones attached to the email.

I believe that the works are to be framed, the multi-layered collages will make the picture look deeper and therefore, much more intriguing to view. I’m so happy that my small amounts of advice lead to such great outcomes.

Pastel Cast


Cast your eyes on this piece by Heather in S1. She had these oil pastels and this pastel pad and thought she’d try out a few ideas. Pastels are very tough to use and Heather has tried hard, fighting against the pad’s textured paper and trying to keep control of the oil pastel’s sliding and inconsistent drawing tip. I like the theme of the work, it looks cold and dreary, the tree appears to be screaming through the blizzard. I have seen a few of Heather’s works before and they always seem to be of a single dramatic moment, so it makes me wonder what has just happened or what is just about to happen?