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Two For One

I’ve had a great first week at school that I couldn’t pick a single artwork that would sum up the week. So… I’ve had to go for two.  They are similar in that they’re both investigation drawings for developing and considering shape and detail to make a fashion piece. They’ll most likely become a dress as the months roll on. They have been applied in a similar style; they’re very tight, neat drawings with immaculate tone and defined line.

The first; a pencil drawing by Kat C (S5) of surgical spinal screws. Notice the fine lines and white paper that is left to suggest highlights and reflection.

The second; a delicately detailed pencil drawing of a jellyfish by Paula N. She has worked the pencil lines to show folds and curves of the Jellyfish. Both drawings are observational drawings for Higher Design sheets.

Book Publishing


S2 completed their Jekyll and Hyde Book Cover unit with over 150 books being produced. Almost all pupils decided to keep their books, those that didn’t, gave their books over for donation to the Gleniffer High School library (6 in total), I then kept 4 that I really liked including Beth W‘s and Ainsley G‘s.


Above Hannah and David C show the variety of choice that was allowed when creating the cover. Choice was the important factor in this project, as pupil decisions helped to benefit or disadvantage the success of their cover.


Pupils where given the task to write a quote and the blurb for the back cover. Ben, Bronwyn, Courtney and Heather where the talented winners. Each pupil had to add colour with colouring pencil to the back cover that didn’t interfere with the type, though married itself with the front cover.


Pupils had to combine the collage cover, using scalpels and spray glue, they planned out the cover, the spine and the back. Each element had to be a perfect fit or the cover would not have worked. The covers were laminated and scored by the pupils and attached to a free Jekyll and Hyde book that had been given away at the Edinburgh book festival.

They’ve Got It Covered

2L continue to push their way quickly through the Jekyll & Hyde Book Cover Unit. Having completed their full face pencil drawing, then a half face colour pastel drawing, they have combined the two and fixed the image to the cover side of their ‘net’. Most have finished their titles and are placing the spine. The only thing left to do is write a back cover summary, laminate and attach the cover to the actual book.