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Holey Moley


I created an exemplar for my S1’s Fanelli/mental health unit. It focused on the idea of taking something bad and turning it into a good thing. Quite a hard concept for S1 pupils to digest, though I think it opened up the ideas for them to be able to conceive their own work. We discussed looks and how their lives were much more focused on image and status through social profiles and networking. We also discussed how bad moments can linger and stay with us, but if you create an artwork about it, it can sometimes help deal with the situation.

My example was focused on my obsession with being too moley. I explained that I hated my skin for being too moley, but that I also love the cosmos. I explained that one day I was looking at my moles and hating them, then spotted that some of them looked exactly like the Big Dipper and other constellations. When I discovered this, I wasn’t upset about my moles anymore.

Art can be an outlet to help us deal with tragic, stressful or embarrassing times in our life. It can help us see the beauty in all moments and things by addressing them with skill and visual beauty.

This unit and exemplar were extremely successful and helped my pupils not only deal with such a moment themselves, but also let them create a beautiful, skilful piece of art. If you are a teacher, it’s worth purchasing a Fanelli book, some pattern and graph paper and giving it a go yourself.

It Figures…

My friend and colleague, Miss McInnes (OLSP) has sketched this little masterpiece below. We are putting together examples of units for the new National 4 and 5 qualifications. Miss McInnes is working on a figurative unit to show pupils how they would tackle the two sheets and ‘added value’ final piece on that theme. This is a great piece of observation pencil work, it has taken her a few hours to get this far, though it’s definitely worth it.

Jim Quigley (1946 – 2010)

I attended the memorial and wake of Jim Quigley yesterday. Sadly, his body had given in to terminal cancer, though I was delighted to know that his spirit had not. He had enjoyed his life right up to his last moments, which were spent socialising with family and friends. It was a beautiful service with lots of mixed emotions and truly memorable moments.

I had met Jim a while back at my student placement for my teaching degree at Notre Dame High School. He was a funny and caring man who was looking forward to his retirement and catching up on some fishing, after many years of grafting as a teacher. I remember going for a drink with him on his last day and he was talking about some of the many interesting moments of his career with never a negative word said about any of them. I can only hope that my ongoing career will be as busy and meaningful.

The little fish image above is something I made for him when he was leaving the Notre Dame Art Department. My thoughts are with his family.

Teacher Exemplars For Animation Design Unit About WWII

Below you will find some examples of the design sheets created for the animation unit themed on WWII. Created by Primary Teaching Students from Glasgow University, the sheets are a great example of the hard work that teacher’s have to put into every art unit they create. Photographs are taken while the exemplars were on display in Glasgow University/St Andrews Building.

Magazine Clip

Artist and Teacher, Jennifer Mullin is currently looking for a nice home for a print of her new collage piece ‘Come Sit Next To Me’. The piece is tremendously well composed using cut outs from magazines and a black fine line pen to add detail.

Anyone interested in winning this beautiful piece should click on her name or the image and say nice things to her. Good luck.

The Shamrock Studio

I was just over at Shamrock Studio’s Blog and was enjoying the space pictures, especially the one shown below, though there are also a great range of examples of leader portraits and some fabulous spider artworks too, inspired by Louise Bourgeois’ sculpture.

A little bit of advice, don’t just click the link if you’re going to view the most recent page, like this blog, you need to delve into the past to find the real treasures, if you don’t… you’ll miss the funny collages, quirky clocks and profound haiku poetry. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.




Halloween always brings out the best in us. It’s a time that calls for creativity, imagination and resourcefulness. From the carving of the pumpkin, to the decorations and the costume, Halloween is a great time to show off your art skills. Below, a few fine examples of creepy art.


Above: Thanks to Mrs Techman for this image of one of her students as a barrel of slime.

Below: Ms McCartney below shows how to get rid of those pesky garden gnomes.


Below: Halloween doesn’t have to be creepy, it can be fun as well. The photo below (provided by Ms Ledingham) shows what you can do with a lamp-shade, some green fur and a whole lot of insulation… Oscar the grouch.


Below: “Who ordered the severed head?” (Ms Pritchard)



Below: I show off my skills at pumpkin carving and my gruesome costume ‘The Thing’.



Ross Death

Above: Ross B provides an excellent little digital sketch of the Grim Reaper.