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Inner Flora

A bit of a strange artwork this week. ‘Lost in time’ a piece by Flora S (S3, Breadalbane) is a relief piece that has been created for the Young Brits at Art competition. The relief was then photographed from two angles and made into a 3D image.

Flora plays with our perceptions of time and reality. She questions what our ideas of prejudice are by actually questioning what we’re told what prejudice is. Do we know when it happens because we instinctively know what it is, or do we see it because we are told that that’s what it is?

She has taken an awkward route, to actually confront the idea of the theme itself, though I was really interested in her idea, her contrary outlook and her final creation.

One of the key elements of the judging for the competition is ‘to have a thought provoking’ piece, and Flora’s piece has definitely made me think.

(The image below can be viewed with 3D Red & Blue Anaglyph Glasses).

Wait No Longer

This week’s Artwork of the Week comes from a Primary Teaching Student at the University of Glasgow. Miss Quigley created the short animation below at home. This gritty and quite realistic animation was shot using a Sony digital camera, then the photos were processed through iStop Motion, with sounds and editing completed in iMovie.

The short focuses on the people who are left behind after war, it shows us that it is not just those that are involved in the war, but those connected, who feel a greater impact through hurt and loss. The figure of the lead woman waiting on her loved one is extremely successful, her clothes look of the period and flow and move realistically, her proportions are more real than that usually seen in animations and she reacts well within the scenery, with the lighting and with each prop.

A beautifully created masterpiece with visuals and emotions that stay with you long after the film has finished.

Encased In Amber



I had the chance to sneak back into Gleniffer High School yesterday evening to look for the famously lost final piece by Chelsea B (more on this later in the week). While in school, I stumbled across another long lost piece that finally showed its face, the piece above by Amber T (S3 now S4).

Amber had been avoiding the completion of this piece for months, obsessing about little parts, while other large areas remained untouched, and having to complete this piece over the summer is no mean feat either, without a Teacher looming over her, it’s hard to find the drive to sit down and complete work.

So summer had passed and pupils returned to school and I had heard that this piece had still not shown up (possibly due to incompletion, though I don’t want to start any rumours). After some pushing Amber finally brought the piece back into school and I have to say, it was worth waiting for. Amber’s style is something that I have told her I like very much, there’s a freedom and confidence to it that would make me believe that anything she draws is important. Although a little inconsistent, it does show the extent of a person’s qualities and standards. While there are issues with the bottles (something that was completed in school), the box, the crystal heart and the reflections on the perfume lid are just spectacular (completed at home).

I do have one gripe; the folded crease along the middle of the piece, but it doesn’t take away from the skill involved. It is beautifully damaged, it’s very apt for Amber. She can produce beauty from carelessness, and that’s something that will annoy her peers.

I still ask myself though, ‘If Amber can do this with putting as little effort in as she possibly can, what could she do if she tried?!’, then I scare myself and try to dwell on something else…