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New Podcast Coming Soon

I have decided that it is now time to edge into the realm of podcasting with a regular audio or video podcast focusing on an element of art education, practice or news. The podcast will be hosted by various presenters, teachers and pupils and will most likely be a short, edited, varied, factual show.

I have made a call out for pupils and teachers, though if you are interested in participating, please get in touch. I would be really excited to receive your opinions, footage or input and would be so grateful for your collaboration.

I will pass on more news about it as I develop it, though for now, here’s why I came up with the name: ‘Art Clast’ will be the title of The Art Classroom’s podcast and will be hosted on iTunes and numerous other feed options. It is called ‘Art Clast’ for many reasons, firstly due to its nature, you will be ‘art classed’. It is also a class podcast and so the amalgamation of the words will help people get it out there quicker. Lastly and most interestingly, a ‘Clast’ is a piece or fragment from a larger rock, in the same way that the podcast is a small fragment from the larger blog. Clever huh?

Keep tuned for details.

Beerjacket – ‘Drum’

I was working a day long workshop in Notre Dame on Monday and was able to acquire permission to use Beerjacket’s ‘Drum’ song for use in a music video. Beerjacket is Peter Kelly, a once Glasgow based musician, he writes beautifully sour alt-folk songs.

The video is a shadow puppet short based around a little bear who becomes obsessed with drumming. This leads to some gruesome repercussions and a dramatic end. I’m so proud of the Notredame girls for making this in a day, it’s absolutely amazing.

If you quite like what you hear, you can visit Beerjacket’s site below and listen to more, as well as purchase tracks individually from him for a small fee.


Caldervale Young Brits At Art Entries 2010

Below is a sneak peek at the work created during the Caldervale High School Young Brits at Art Workshop that I ran at the start of February. It allowed S5 & S6 pupils to record audio and create transitional paintings that were then made into little short films. The theme was a ‘world without prejudice’. I wish them the best of luck in the competition.

Another Gleniffer Film Making Club Music Video

This is the 2nd music video made by Gleniffer High School’s Film Making Club. Set to the local Paisley band The Alt‘s song ‘The Jazz Bastart’, the video is based around puppeteering and public television. Created to look lo-fi and punk, the visuals were inspired by the band’s raw, but active sound. Puppets and props were made out of cardboard and as little editing effects were used as possible to make a fun, interesting and quirky addition to the sound. The props took around 2 months to make (over many lunch breaks), while filming itself took place within a week. The video could have been edited with cleaner shots and made to look more believable, but it was decided that out-takes and mistakes should be inserted too, as well as obvious signs of hands and things going wrong to give the look a more carefree ‘whatever’ attitude. There are two distinctive scenes in the video; the first is the band playing on the moon, while the second is an American style Police chase. Again, it was decided that the visuals should not be so certain and each scene was mixed and matched.

Epileptics Beware! – This video has strobe effects in it.