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Teacher Exemplars For Animation Design Unit About WWII

Below you will find some examples of the design sheets created for the animation unit themed on WWII. Created by Primary Teaching Students from Glasgow University, the sheets are a great example of the hard work that teacher’s have to put into every art unit they create. Photographs are taken while the exemplars were on display in Glasgow University/St Andrews Building.

Joy Division

This week’s ‘AOTW’ comes from William D (S6 from Caldervale). William created this amazing stencilled acrylic painting during a Young Brits at Art workshop. The painting was photographed in two stages and audio commentary was recorded to compose the short film below.

There were a lot of great images created for the workshop based on the theme ‘a world without prejudice’, though William’s idea, his drive and the initial impact of his image deserves Artwork of the Week. Great work.

Wait No Longer

This week’s Artwork of the Week comes from a Primary Teaching Student at the University of Glasgow. Miss Quigley created the short animation below at home. This gritty and quite realistic animation was shot using a Sony digital camera, then the photos were processed through iStop Motion, with sounds and editing completed in iMovie.

The short focuses on the people who are left behind after war, it shows us that it is not just those that are involved in the war, but those connected, who feel a greater impact through hurt and loss. The figure of the lead woman waiting on her loved one is extremely successful, her clothes look of the period and flow and move realistically, her proportions are more real than that usually seen in animations and she reacts well within the scenery, with the lighting and with each prop.

A beautifully created masterpiece with visuals and emotions that stay with you long after the film has finished.

WWII Animations – Week 3

The Primary School Teaching students have been continuing to develop their ideas and are experimenting with the possibilities of animation and the software iStop Motion. After an intense three hour session on Wednesday, most of the teachers had animated part of their short. The collection above includes a few of these videos, some of which, have been post edited by myself to increase their drama and impact.

The Tree

Currently working with the Primary Teaching Students, they have chosen their animation ideas and are now developing those ideas into something concrete. Ms Beattie is working on the idea of a growing tree that gets destroyed through harmful human acts. The tree is a symbol for world harmony. Ms Beattie’s ideas were great, though may be too large to complete in the short time that she has. I took a little time out to animate an example of how I would tackle her animation to let her and others see that ideas can be laid down quickly and effectively. Stop animation does not necessarily have to take a long time for it to be attractive and successful.

Mia’s Advice


We have two Artwork’s of the Week running very closely together this week as last week’s was delayed by about 3 days, either way, it’s one artwork per week and this is our newest entry.

After seeing Mia S (S1) leaving off this fabulous poster off in her teacher’s classroom (Mrs Day). I thought that the characters and the illustrations were so appealing that I had to take a photograph. The poster is mostly created from the imagination, very little resources were used to make it. The type and the layout is all Mia.

You can see a lot of these environmental posters that are very badly conceived, though Mia’s effort doesn’t remind me of them. The poster has so much fun to it, its tag line, its colouring and its background. If I saw details of the council and a logo at the bottom of the page, I wouldn’t have been surprised. This could be a professionally printed poster.

For me, I think the font makes the poster. The way the type is coloured and its style adds quality to the work. Great poster Mia.