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Teacher Exemplars For Animation Design Unit About WWII

Below you will find some examples of the design sheets created for the animation unit themed on WWII. Created by Primary Teaching Students from Glasgow University, the sheets are a great example of the hard work that teacher’s have to put into every art unit they create. Photographs are taken while the exemplars were on display in Glasgow University/St Andrews Building.

Da Bomb

Stephen M (P7 from St Paul’s) spent his morning completing this amazing collage of a bomber. It’s power and strength warns us about what can happen if we let hate and anger take over common sense.

He had to create a strong poster design to make people aware of the ‘folly of war’ working alongside teachers from Glasgow University.

I was really bowled over when I saw this image. The orange of the bomber contrasts the blue sky perfectly, the buildings are recognisable although they don’t need to look perfect. Stephen has drawn attention to the bombs by using a simple outlining technique. A successful and powerful collage. Great work.

The Destruction Of The Poppies

This week’s ‘Artwork of the Week’ is not from a secondary school pupil or even a teacher, in fact, it’s from three primary school pupils. Josh K, Bismah H and John M (P7 from St Paul’s) have been working on their stop animation set and characters based around WWII and the ‘folly’ of war. The idea involves a stomping Hitler bringing destruction to a beautiful field. Hitler will walk across the landscape changing it from green fields and blue skies to rubble and dust.

The P7 A & B classes have been working on creating posters and short films that reflect upon the war as well as teach us a lesson to never let it happen again. It’s a great project to be involved in.

The Primary Teachers have brought their animations and their assistance to St Paul’s to let the pupils have a try at making and editing a short, and looking at some of the sets and characters, they could well better their teachers’ attempt.

WWII Animations – Week 3

The Primary School Teaching students have been continuing to develop their ideas and are experimenting with the possibilities of animation and the software iStop Motion. After an intense three hour session on Wednesday, most of the teachers had animated part of their short. The collection above includes a few of these videos, some of which, have been post edited by myself to increase their drama and impact.