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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out…

This Artwork of the Week has been a long time coming. I think I overlooked it due to just being too busy and the works being created for YBAA were so good and plentiful that I didn’t get a chance to revisit it. Alison C‘s (S3, Duncanrig) work was such a simple a beautiful idea. The triptych work was based around prejudice and prejudice is formed from not knowing. We lack knowledge due to things being harder to see, hidden, in the dark. So, Alison turned the light on for us. It’s a really clever idea, an idea that the Equality and Human Rights Commission loved too, making it one of their top 100 shortlisted entries for YBAA.

Sorry this took me so long Alison, but it’s such a lovely piece, it was really worth waiting for.

Notre Dame Does London

We’ve just arrived and already everyone has had enough.

Well, I travelled down to London at an ungodly hour this morning with Mrs Lyons, Amy M and Celeste M from Notre Dame, to represent our ‘With/Without’ film entry. We didn’t get a top ten place in the end, but it was still a fun day out (even if it was the longest day on earth… ha ha). Like Katie H.M who travelled a further 3 hours from Oban, we got the 5 hour train down to London to be at the YBAA Award Ceremony. It was a tremendous amount of time to be travelling and slightly disappointing not to get placed, though we should still remember that Top 100 out of nearly 2000 entries is still very impressive.

Celeste & Amy are not so keen to show off the name card I cutomised for them.

Apart from zombifying on the train, we managed to squeeze in a few bits of sight seeing and some more memorable moments. A quick look jaunt up the South Bank, a look into the Tate Modern, scorning our faces at the entry prices of the Hayward Gallery, viewing a Wildlife Exhibition, eating the largest ice cream known to man, looking quizzical at some of the science exhibits in the Southbank Centre and seeing far too much of Euston Road and Euston Station.

Amy tries to stroke a swimming metallic penguin.

It was a brilliant day, no matter what the outcome and I’m so glad that Celeste and Amy were able to come along and make it so enjoyable.

Chloe Wins Joint 1st Spot In YBAA

UPDATE: Chloe actually won joint first place. There are three first prize winners and Chloe was one of them. Details here.

Her profile on the painting is here.

Joseph Stashko provided live coverage of the event here.

Chloe L from Ladywell Learning Centre achieved a top 3 place in the Young Brits at Art competition, announced today at an awards ceremony in London. Chloe’s image was ‘The Beach House’, the Shrigley-esque beach painting. I found her simplistic image extremely powerful and Ms Ledingham did a marvelous job in providing support and helping to arrange the her visit. I am totally over the moon for them both and wish Chloe all the best with her future experiences in art. This is an amazing opportunity for her.