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Spoiler Review 1 – Tomatoes

This is the start of a brand new series of funny, short reviews that are either utterly pointless or immensely clever… You decide. Created by the original founding members of the Art Clast and OLSP Film Making groups I find that these little shorts are on par with material that is finding fame on YouTube and Vine. Artwork created in schools can be funny and the amount of thought, production, planning and skill to produce these little short reviews are just as respectable as time spent on a drawing or painting. In this first episode Bruce reviews tomatoes… Enjoy.

Art Clast 3 – Animation Special


The third and final episode of Art Clast for this term (2010-2011) has been uploaded to Youtube and iTunes. You can watch all three episodes and even subscribe if you like them. Below is the animation special, which I feel is by far the best episode yet. Great work from the Art Clast podcasters yet again.

If you’d like to subscribe to the iTunes podcast, visit here.


Wee Lolly Cupcake


Wee Lolly Cupcake is Laura C and she’s starting to attract attention across the net. I stumbled upon her when I was ego browsing Youtube and thought that it was marvelous that she was responding to various videos that had been posted. The internet is such a voyeuristic activity, we click and browse it without ever really reacting to it. I was glad to see that Wee Lolly Cupcake was not only viewing and digesting certain posts, but thought fit to respond and discuss some of the issues raised. Reviewing these issues in a room in her house through a web-cam, Wee Lolly Cupcake reminds me of Charlie Brooker (the famous Guardian writer and TV writer), her posts are raw, unscripted and often controversial. She’s not hesitant in discussing issues such as Homosexuality, Racism and Religion. Subjects that would flare up anyone’s emotions.

RE Gay Marriage – Is it right?

Although I disagree with some points raised, I think it is entirely admirable for Wee Lolly Cupcake to raise these issues for discussion. After all, what good are words if they’re not put towards delivering an important point or interesting thought now and again. Wee Lolly Cupcake shows that Youtube videos don’t necessarily have to be some pointless walk-through for a Playstation game or someone miming to a pop song. She shows that points can be raised on the network and judging by her feedback, it is obvious that people enjoy her views and are often inspired or driven to comment.

Avatar Movie Review

I really like her reviews, being an old cynical reviewer myself, I’m finding it increasingly tough to be excited by the arts, so her point of view is refreshing and allows an insight into what it’s like to not be desensitized by over exposure. Wee Lolly Cupcake’s reviews of the Twilight book and the new Avatar film remind me that young people live in an old person world. Although there are many products marketed towards them, they have to turn to the likes of Jonathan Ross and Mariella Frostrup for movie and book reviews. Why are young people not reviewing the products marketed towards them? How can Jonathan Ross possibly give an appropriate review towards a 12 or 13 year old on Ice Age 3 or Where the Wild Things Are? He can’t…

Laura C also makes art. She creates avatars and characters, focusing on fantasy and animal drawings. She also submitted a detailed piece for the Young Brits at Art competition this year. The piece was a clever idea around the insertion of hobbies, thoughts and personal items into the shape of the countries of the world. It was an ‘Atlas of her’ or as she put it ‘the World according to’ her.


Wee Lolly Cupcake’s Youtube Channel

Wee Lolly Cupcake’s Deviant Art