In Top Form

This week’s work is from Paula A H (S3 from OLSP). Paula has very fine observation and proportion skills, so refined that she does not need guide or help lines. In her spare time she likes to try a lot of different ideas out. Looking at fashion, dress design, toning and sketching things that she likes. Below, you’ll see a nice example of some of her fashion ideas. Quick sketching with scribbling tones helps define the shape of the garments without spending hours drawing them out.

Paula also likes to draw and sketch recognisable characters, though rather than keeping them flat and simple, she introduces tone and shadows to give them form and substance. As an Art teacher you usually end up seeing a lot of copied cartoon characters, though I haven’t seen many with this type of attention to detail and focus on shading and light.

Whatever you draw, you should enjoy doing it. It you don’t, then there is very little point in continuing. Art should be something that you feel driven to do, to get anywhere in the field, you need this passion. If you don’t have it, you’ll find it extremely difficult to receive recognition or create opportunities. Paula obviously has this drive and her passion, alongside her continuing progress, is definitely seeing her well on her way through the creative route.

One thought on “In Top Form”

  1. Well done Paula!
    I remember you showing me the Beauty And The Beast one. see you in school soon. x

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